4 Reasons Why Unplugging May Be a Good Idea

Author: PeopleFinders on May 19th, 2020
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There are endless think pieces about how much time people spend on the internet nowadays. You might be of the opinion that people simply sink too much time into the online world. Or you might appreciate the way the internet has changed life in the 21st century.

No matter what you think of the internet, it still might be a good idea to unplug for a short amount of time. Why?

1. You Can Do More

It’s easy to use social media and other internet services obsessively. In fact, some people use several social media sites everyday, and that definitely eats up time. Whether you’re trying to get more work done, you want to work on a hobby, or you just want to have more time to yourself, getting off social media for a bit can give you the time you need to accomplish those goals.

Remember that those goals don’t have to be anything drastic. Sure, you could finally work on that novel. Or maybe you just want to play board games with your family one night. Either way, especially if you decide to cut yourself off entirely, you’ll probably see an immediate increase in the amount of things you are able to do, and that might be a good thing.

2. You’ll Get a Chance to Connect in Person

There’s no denying that social media has brought plenty of people together. If you’re part of a specific community, but there’s no one nearby who’s part of that community, it’s easier than ever to find others online. However, there’s a significant difference between interacting online and interacting in person. When you unplug and allow yourself to only communicate with people in-person, you’ll probably find that you have interesting conversations.

For many people, online and in-person conversations are both important. Although it’s good for you to find a balance, unplugging entirely may help you rediscover what’s good about interacting physically.

3. You Can Pick and Choose How to Unplug

You don’t have to say that you’re going to stop using the internet entirely for a week. That might be a reason you’ve been hesitant before. If you use the internet to do your job, to talk to close family and friends, or to keep up-to-date on important topics, it can be difficult or even impossible to shut yourself off completely. That’s why you don’t have to go cold turkey.

To slow yourself down, just try to make access to certain sites more inconvenient. Sign out of your social media sites, so that if you really need to check something, you have to sign back into them. Delete the apps from your phone, so that if you need to go on social media, you have to use your computer or a browser. Even just these little changes can make a big difference.

4. Your Security May Be Better

Cybersecurity isn’t new. But many people still have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept. It’s surprising how much information you may accidentally be leaking onto the internet without even knowing. After all, between advertising agencies attempting to discover your personal information and social media posts that unintentionally give out that information directly, you may have left a substantial trail. PeopleFinders may be able to help you understand the consequences of compromised online privacy.

If you’re still not sure about taking a break, consider the security concerns. Just try to perform a people search on yourself with PeopleFinders. If you are able to find your information and sift through it, see how much of it may have come from accidental social media posts or bad purchasing choices. Both of those can potentially result in having your personal information leaked to public sources. Going this route, you may be able see almost immediately how taking a break could make you safer.


There’s no reason to think of social media as a curse. For many people, it’s a blessing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to tie yourself to your phone all day. If you find that you can’t stay off one of your social media apps for more than an hour or so, you may consider it time to take a break.

PeopleFinders may be able to help you recognize if that break should also be motivated by security concerns. Plus, the PeopleFinders blog will give you even more ideas, letting you know how you can protect yourself both online and offline.

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