3 Reasons to Clean Up Your Old Social Media Profiles

Author: PeopleFinders on May 20th, 2020
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Almost everyone has them: old accounts from their earlier days on social media. However, a surprising amount of people never delete those profiles; they stay online for anyone to see. It might be because deleting the profile is a bit of a pain, or just because you never really got around to it.

The thing is though, that you should go back and at least clean those profiles up, if not delete them entirely. Here are three reasons it can benefit you to go back and clean up your old social media accounts.

You’re Not the Same Person Anymore

This one is plain and simple. If you haven’t been on an account for a few years, it’s likely that you’ve changed your stance on some important issues since using that account. It doesn’t matter if you were 15 when you abandoned it or you were 45; people’s opinions change over time. Perhaps you’re an activist now in something that you used to ridicule. Or maybe you’re very outspoken against something that you used to partake in. Either way, that profile just doesn’t reflect who you are anymore.

Especially if you’re a big voice in a certain community, the last thing you want is for people to dig up old dirt on you that no longer fits the person you are. Instead, by cleaning up or deleting old social media profiles, you’re more in control over your internet presence. That makes it easier to assert yourself as the person you are now, as opposed to the person you were a decade ago.

Your Friends May Have a Harder Time Finding You

If many of your friends use social media, they may find your older social media pages and assume that they’re current. Many people have social media pages that they rarely post on; while there are over two billion monthly Facebook users, there are only 1.5 billion daily Facebook users.

It’s not inherently a bad thing for your friends to see your old social media profiles, especially if there’s nothing incriminating on them. However, your friends might not keep looking for a current page. You could miss out on seeing important things that are happening in your friends’ lives just because you’re not connected on your current social media profiles. It’s important to connect with your friends, and having a defunct profile is just getting in the way.

You May Have Posted Private Information on Old Accounts

When the internet was first gaining traction, everyone heard about how you shouldn’t give out personal information. However, cyber security wasn’t really in the forefront of most people’s minds. You may have said something about your home address offhandedly, or even posted your phone number publicly on a social media profile. By cleaning up all your social media profiles, you can make it harder for people to find private information about you.

Not sure what social media profiles you still have? You can use a public records site like PeopleFinders to see what’s still available to the public. Try running a general people search on yourself, and see what comes up. Once you know what’s out there, then you can get to work going to those sites where you’ve posted personal information, and either clean them up or go ahead and remove the profiles altogether.


Lots of people just leave their old social media profiles up without deleting or deactivating them; not a great idea. There are a number of reasons you should clean up your old accounts–to reflect who you are now, to be available to people looking for you, and to protect your vital personal information.

PeopleFinders is a great tool to help you see how much information you still have to clean up online. By keeping your personal information off the internet, nobody can use that information against you.

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