10 Easy Ways to Find Out if Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Relationships are supposed to be about appreciating your time with someone and caring about them enough to stay with them. But cheating is more prominent than you might think, and if you’re worried he’s cheating on you, there are easy ways to find out. Here are the top ten.


Notice His Habits Changing

If he’s usually a homebody, then all of a sudden he’s “going out with his friends” every night, that can be a huge clue. Is he suddenly spending all his time on his phone? Does he hog the computer all the time? Being more secretive than usual can mean that he’s up to something. Sure, it could be something innocent, but you don’t need to take that chance.

Ask Around

If he claims he’s spending time with his friends, ask them. You don’t have to do it accusingly, just try calling them up half an hour after he leaves, and ask if you can talk to him. If they’re confused, or they tell you he isn’t there, that means, unfortunately, he’s lying to you. You can do this with anyone he says he’s with.

Find Things He’s Possessive About

Sure, most people are possessive about certain things, and it’s not that weird for him to prefer using his computer over yours. But if he gets insistent that you should keep your phone charged so you don’t have to use his, or gets visibly uncomfortable if you have to use his computer, be wary.

Look at His Social Media Habits

See if he’s suddenly interacting a lot with someone else on a social media site he usually keeps to himself on, or maybe someone else is noticeably prominent on all his updates. Maybe he’s started to use a social media site you’re not on more and more. All of these are potential warning signs.

Pay Attention to His Phone Usage

He might be getting more texts or phone calls, and might go into another room for calls. He might use apps more often, or seem engrossed in his phone more often than he used to. Whatever the case, if he’s more attached to his phone than he used to be, it could be a sign.

See if He Seems Guilty

It’s normal to be a little surprised if someone’s home when you weren’t expecting them, or something of that nature. However, if your partner seems extremely surprised in a way that suggests they were counting on your doing something else, it can be a sign of guilt.

Look Him Up on Social Media

If he’s trying to interact with someone else, and he knows you may take notice of him doing it on an account you already know, it’s not unlikely that he’ll make a different account that you don’t know about. Try looking him up on a social media you know he uses, or even just searching his name on a search engine. If he’s especially knowledgeable, he may use a slightly different name, so make sure you’ve covered all of your bases by searching with nicknames or other names he uses.

Trace His Steps

Obviously, you can’t just track him everywhere he goes, but even just asking where he’ll be going can be helpful. Notice if he’s starting to go places he’s never frequented, or areas he’s not used to. Going outside of his normal range can mean he’s meeting someone a little further away.

Try to Spend More Time With Him

If he seems like he’s been absent and you’re worried that he’s cheating, ask him to spend more time with you. It may just be that he hasn’t really thought about it. If he seems to avoid you at every turn, or he just generically agrees and never follows through, it may be cause for alarm.

Look at the People He’s Calling

If everything else fails, you may need to try a more direct approach. PeopleFinders can help you find anyone he’s calling with a number you don’t recognize, even if they have private or unlisted numbers. Find their full name, latest address, and public info database, and put your fears to rest.


There are many different ways to find out if he’s seeing someone else without your knowledge. Most of them, however, don’t have the best success rate, and they rely on tactics that may be out of your range. Try PeopleFinders for a direct approach that’s cheap, fast, and accurate. Don’t waste your time worrying about his relationships anymore.

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