Detroit Zip Codes

Years ago, people sent many things through the mail. Letters, post cards, bills and more made their way through the United States Postal Service every day. To help ensure these items always reached the appropriate destination, the ZIP Code system was developed.

ZIP Codes are five digit numbers that help identify a specific geographic location. Every building and address has one, including the World’s only floating post office, which is located in Detroit, Michigan.

Using Detroit ZIP Codes Today

Even if you never send anything through the mail, ZIP Codes can be beneficial. You can use them to get more precise directions, look up property value and even find people from your past. If you’re searching for details about an address in the Motor City, simply click any of the ZIP Codes shown on this page and complete the address search form.


In just a moment you can obtain a report with important facts about any address. That includes its current value, a list of people living nearby, data about any registered offenders in the area and more.

Find A Current Or Former Detroiter With A ZIP Code

The thousands of people who live in Detroit are sometimes referred to as Detroiters. If you would like to find one of them, or someone who moved away from the city, you can do so with a people search by address.

Click the person’s previous ZIP Code from the list below, and you’ll get a search form that has the city, state and ZIP Code automatically filled in. Enter the address and get your report to see a list of current and previous occupants. It will include the name of the person you want to find, along with their most recent contact information.

Detroit ZIP Codes can help you dig up a lot of useful data. Find everything you need iright now, with a little help from


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