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Thanks to the PeopleFinders property directory, getting real estate information about addresses in Baltimore is fast and simple. Start your search right here by selecting either the name of the street you want, or looking up addresses by Zip Code. Here’s how it works:

Property Records Search by Street Name

Your first step is to click either the number sign (for numeric streets) or a letter below. When you click any of these links, you’ll see a list of streets that begin with the letter you selected, or a group of numeric streets. Choose a street and click it to get a list of addresses. These addresses all fall within the city and state you are searching through now.

Property Records by Zip Code

Another great option is to select a Zip Code within Baltimore. When you do, we’ll show you a list of streets that are all located inside that Zip. You can choose any of these streets to look up a specific address.

When you run your search in this directory, we’ll show you the current owner of the property you selected. We’ve got a lot more information available. To see property value, APN and more, order a comprehensive property records report. It will show you everything you want to know about the address you looked up.

Find Baltimore Property Records by Street Name
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