Moving? Check Any Neighborhood First With These Essential PeopleFinders Tools

Choosing a place to live can be a daunting task. We wonder what the neighbors will be like, if the area is safe for our families and how well the location will work for us long term.

Since 1998, PeopleFinders has helped millions of people confirm their trust and obtain valuable information. Our robust tools empower you to learn about any neighborhood and get the facts you need when looking for a home.

Address Lookups

The first step is to run an Address Lookup. Use it to get property records information from anywhere in the United States. We give you access to Deeds, Property Assessments and other useful data.

Our reports show you who owns property near any home, school or other location. Once you have the owner’s name and other details, you can get additional details including background information, court records and more.

Background Checks

We’ve all heard horror stories. Someone moves to a new place. Everything seems great at first, but then there is trouble with a difficult neighbor. One bad seed on your block can make life surprisingly uncomfortable. If only you’d known about the person’s history before you moved in.

A Background Check reveals whether or not the people who could become your next neighbors have bankruptcies, misdemeanors, felonies or other marks on their records. They provide an easy and discrete way to learn about people who could end up living near you and your family.

Sex Offender Searches

Want to know if any registered offenders live near your potential new home? Rely on PeopleFinders to get the facts you seek.

PeopleFinders Rewards members enjoy unlimited access to our Sex Offender Search tool. This helps you look up offenders by name, city or address. Not a member? No problem. Simply login and claim your Rewards today!

When you do, you’ll get premium PeopleFinders reports for only $1, huge savings on local and national products, the Sex Offender search and so much more.

Unlimited Searches

Not sure where you’re moving yet? Want to look up property and background information for multiple locations?

It’s easy. You’ll enjoy unlimited reports with a PeopleFinders Premium Membership. Start yours now for the special introductory offer of just $19.95 for one month. Your membership gives you 24/7 access to Address Lookups, Background Checks and all of our Public Records reports.

Moving can be a difficult and stressful process. Before your next move, take a simple step to make it easier. Visit and get essential information that will help you accelerate the moving process and give you peace of mind.