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Marriage Records for Tracey Davis

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Roy BartonTracey Davis05/08/1999OsceolaFLView Details
Derrick Lamont BellamyTracey Davis01/15/1991GadsdenFLView Details
Jerry A CroleyTracey Davis09/21/1996WhitleyKYView Details
Jeffery WagnerTracey Davis09/24/1988StarkOHView Details
David A PaczosaTracey A Davis11/03/1998ClarkNVView Details
John H PhillipsTracey A Davis08/29/1981FairfieldCTView Details
Kent B WilliamsTracey A Davis12/09/1988DallasTXView Details
Stephen D HawesTracey B Davis02/04/1989CollinTXView Details
Javier CentenoTracey Correne Davis02/18/1991LeeFLView Details
Glenn E ArchieTracey D Davis09/18/1992EctorTXView Details
John K PalermoTracey D Davis06/03/1995Mc LennanTXView Details
Andrew J YoungTracey D Davis06/06/1980CulbersonTXView Details
Walter A EliasTracey Dee Davis10/19/1991ClarkNVView Details
Michael J BevinsTracey E Davis04/27/1991ComalTXView Details
William C CarnahanTracey E Davis06/24/1988OrangeTXView Details
Kevin R FalconerTracey E Davis05/24/1985BexarTXView Details
Oscar J FletcherTracey E Davis08/05/1995ComalTXView Details
Oscar J FletcherTracey E Davis04/01/1993PotterTXView Details
Gilroy A MccallaTracey E Davis11/26/1996HartfordCTView Details
Timothy C RomineTracey E Davis02/13/1988CollinTXView Details
Shane C ThompsonTracey E Davis08/22/1992CollinTXView Details
Christopher Wayne ManganoTracey Elaine Davis09/14/1996MarionFLView Details
Fernando C GarcesTracey G Davis07/03/1976RenoNVView Details
Jason L PortonTracey G Davis07/27/2001WheelerTXView Details
Mark L VanderfordTracey H Davis05/31/1997EllisTXView Details
Jeffrey D RudnickiTracey J Davis10/06/1989LucasOHView Details
Robert T ToscoTracey J Davis11/22/1990UnionOHView Details
Jim Edward ChurchTracey Jean Davis09/29/1993WeberUTView Details
Stephen Dale NorthingtonTracey Jean Davis06/19/1993PolkFLView Details
Jason Christopher LessTracey Jo Davis06/18/1994LeonFLView Details
Anthony Michael ZilarTracey Jo Davis04/26/1992DouglaNVView Details
Joel B ArmisteadTracey K Davis07/16/1988LoganKYView Details
Kurt F AngelTracey L Davis07/20/1985San DiegoCAView Details
Jack W BixlerTracey L Davis07/05/1986JeffersonKYView Details
Glen A BosseTracey L Davis05/18/1991HamiltonOHView Details
Jerald D CoontzTracey L Davis06/29/1996JohnsonTXView Details
Mark R CriderTracey L Davis09/23/1989WoodOHView Details
Patrick M ElamTracey L Davis02/22/1988JeffersonKYView Details
Kevin L FarmerTracey L Davis07/27/2001DentonTXView Details
Edwin J FoxTracey L Davis10/20/2001CollinTXView Details
Timothy L LatimerTracey L Davis10/20/1984HamiltonOHView Details
Gregory K LewisTracey L Davis02/11/1995UpshurTXView Details
Richard L MorrisonTracey L Davis10/19/1990FranklinOHView Details
Whit A ParksTracey L Davis05/31/1986ScurryTXView Details
Joseph S PetersonTracey L Davis08/31/1985JeffersonKYView Details
Scott P PetersonTracey L Davis11/21/1998JeffersonKYView Details
David M ShoultzTracey L Davis04/21/1989HendersonKYView Details
Nathaniel E TealTracey L Davis02/25/1997TarrantTXView Details
Edward C TolenTracey L Davis08/19/2000MesaCOView Details
Farid UddinTracey L Davis09/13/1996DallasTXView Details
Harry Frank BriggsTracey Lee Davis08/07/1999PolkFLView Details
Joe Steven AultTracey Lynn Davis08/09/1987OrangeFLView Details
Scott Anthony BooterbaughTracey Lynn Davis06/21/1999MartinFLView Details
John Thurman MarshallTracey Lynn Davis02/15/1997ClarkNVView Details
Richard Brian ScottTracey Lynn Davis07/07/1990UnknownMEView Details
Lew K SimmonsTracey Lynn Davis03/15/1992WashoeNVView Details
Tony Edward SpechtTracey Lynn Davis04/14/1998ClarkNVView Details
Lyndon Truman StewartTracey Lynn Davis04/02/1997OrangeFLView Details
James David HayesTracey Lynne Davis04/14/1998ClarkNVView Details
Robert Scot LamphierTracey Lynne Davis06/18/1984OsceolaFLView Details
Walter Craig MacauleyTracey Lynne Davis05/14/1993OrangeFLView Details
Robert A KingTracey M Davis03/27/1978HarrisTXView Details
Clinton L LarkinTracey M Davis03/08/1988HamiltonOHView Details
Timothy James ThompsonTracey Michelle Davis12/14/1985HighlandsFLView Details
Bernard C ConnerTracey N Davis09/09/1994LucasOHView Details
Rodney F BanksTracey R Davis07/03/1993BoydKYView Details
Gerald C KnottTracey R Davis09/13/1990TarrantTXView Details
Clifford J MendesTracey R Davis02/12/2002ArapahoeCOView Details
Ralph M DenittoTracey S Davis03/26/1988FairfieldCTView Details
Darren John TaylorTracey Sue Davis09/16/1995SeminoleFLView Details
James M DeckerTracey T Davis12/12/1988HendersonKYView Details
Andre Lamar HogueTracey Yvette Davis02/14/1993GadsdenFLView Details
Dexter Ray MooreTracey Yvette Davis06/30/1991ClarkNVView Details
Elijah WilliamsTracey Yvette Davis03/06/1987HolmesFLView Details
Tracey Anthony DavisRoy Elaine Janis04/17/1996Miami-dadeFLView Details
Tracey A DavisInga L Johnson01/02/1988GreggTXView Details
Tracey Lamont DavisCarissa Dawn Mckever04/05/1996DuvalFLView Details
Tracey Anthony DavisJanis Elaine Mort04/17/1996Miami-dadeFLView Details
Tracey A DavisJanice M Niccoli02/06/1993WashoeNVView Details
Tracey Patrick DavisCynthia Elsie Osborne09/11/1982DuvalFLView Details
Tracey J DavisKathleen A Watson07/16/1983OrangeCAView Details

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