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Marriage Records for Tina Taylor

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Mark Francis BallingerTina Taylor07/12/1990DuvalFLView Details
Joe S BustamanteTina Taylor10/08/1991EllisTXView Details
Jean N ButlerTina Taylor04/01/1989TollandCTView Details
Joe EmersonTina Taylor09/02/1989BarrenKYView Details
Tyrone D JonesTina Taylor10/02/1999San AugustineTXView Details
Changha KangTina Taylor06/25/1981VenturaCAView Details
Roy J LucoreTina Taylor08/21/1999HarrisTXView Details
David A McknightTina Taylor09/19/1986HarrisTXView Details
Justin Todd MillionTina Taylor04/20/1998ClarkNVView Details
John W TuttleTina Taylor04/02/1994KentonKYView Details
Randall H WellsTina Taylor10/05/1996KentonKYView Details
Kenneth N WhiteTina Taylor03/30/1993BreathittKYView Details
Earl Fon YeeTina Taylor06/30/1989SaltlUTView Details
Scott A BelcherTina A Taylor02/14/1977Los AngelesCAView Details
Carl L CastleberryTina A Taylor11/13/1993DentonTXView Details
Michael P ChurnTina A Taylor08/23/1986JeffersonKYView Details
William K FordTina A Taylor10/23/1994WashoeNVView Details
Michael S GaydosTina A Taylor06/06/1994AransasTXView Details
Alonzo J GraysonTina A Taylor09/05/1985CollinTXView Details
Scott G HodgeTina A Taylor08/08/1989WashoeNVView Details
Cory D HortonTina A Taylor11/16/1991StoreyNVView Details
Donald S IngelsTina A Taylor05/29/1982KernCAView Details
Yusuf KallonTina A Taylor07/20/1993HarrisTXView Details
Jose I MorenoTina A Taylor04/27/1987CollinTXView Details
Jason E NuttTina A Taylor12/15/1990HarrisTXView Details
Gregory P PattersonTina A Taylor07/23/1988LoganKYView Details
Jerry L RobinsonTina A Taylor11/27/1992MiddlesexCTView Details
Mark A SamsTina A Taylor09/05/1998RichlandOHView Details
Gary Reino AndersonTina Ann Taylor06/23/1979CarsonNVView Details
Robert James McroyTina Ann Taylor08/19/1986OrangeFLView Details
William J JohnsonTina B Taylor04/16/1983PinellasFLView Details
Tony R CalderTina D Taylor06/02/2001Van ZandtTXView Details
William L CribbsTina D Taylor06/01/1996AdamsCOView Details
Ronald E DavisTina D Taylor11/26/1998FranklinOHView Details
Brandon C DobsonTina D Taylor01/10/1992GreggTXView Details
James C HumbirdTina D Taylor02/20/1987BrazoriaTXView Details
Garry W KlassenTina D Taylor02/14/1985ReevesTXView Details
Thomas L SwineyTina D Taylor02/14/1996Van ZandtTXView Details
Rodger D WigginsTina D Taylor11/14/1992Van ZandtTXView Details
Darryl R WilliamsTina D Taylor07/26/1997TarrantTXView Details
Martin Arthur JohansenTina Diane Taylor10/10/1987BrevardFLView Details
Joseph Alan WeaverTina Diane Taylor06/27/1981DuvalFLView Details
Dan Ray WeitzTina Diane Taylor05/26/1984DuvalFLView Details
Jonathan E ClarkTina E Taylor06/17/1983MooreTXView Details
James R PsimerTina F Taylor09/05/1984SummitOHView Details
Bobby Elmore FridayTina Frances Taylor07/12/1984BayFLView Details
Wilbur L BryantTina G Taylor10/09/1976DallasTXView Details
Clarence E DavisTina G Taylor08/20/1989DallasTXView Details
Scott M NewstedTina G Taylor01/22/1988WheelerTXView Details
Johnny W ReedTina G Taylor09/22/1978CookeTXView Details
William Wayne StevensTina Gayle Taylor05/22/1987St JohnsFLView Details
Scott A KaneTina H Taylor05/26/1979Los AngelesCAView Details
Ricky D JohnsonTina I Taylor04/01/1978ClermontOHView Details
Timothy McrobertsTina I Taylor10/23/2001MontgomeryOHView Details
Jeffery A MyersTina I Taylor06/30/1984ButlerOHView Details
Gerald Lester BrownTina Irene Taylor11/17/1990LakeFLView Details
Wesley L BertramTina J Taylor03/10/1993GreenupKYView Details
Gary L BraggTina J Taylor10/22/1977DallasTXView Details
Gerald D CarterTina J Taylor01/31/1992BellTXView Details
Theodore W EutsayTina J Taylor04/01/1991BellTXView Details
James F HeilTina J Taylor07/13/1974SummitOHView Details
David A LovenTina J Taylor08/04/1978TarrantTXView Details
Duane L MahanTina J Taylor07/07/1980RenoNVView Details
Oral B SampsonTina J Taylor07/09/1977SummitOHView Details
Steven D WallTina J Taylor05/15/1989CookeTXView Details
Randal K WheelerTina J Taylor10/04/1974TarrantTXView Details
Edison Doyle PearceTina Jay Taylor09/06/1993WashoeNVView Details
Lonnie Wayne HorneTina Joann Taylor08/29/1981PolkFLView Details
James Jeffery CrawfordTina Joyce Taylor12/30/1983BayFLView Details
Brian S CrawfordTina K Taylor11/24/1984HarrisTXView Details
Michael L LandrethTina K Taylor07/19/2001CassTXView Details
Chad M LastowskiTina K Taylor08/16/2003MontgomeryOHView Details
Chad M LastowskiTina K Taylor08/16/2003MontgomeryOHView Details
Michael A ManfroTina K Taylor08/21/1993JeffersonCOView Details
Paul V SlatenTina K Taylor08/06/1979LamarTXView Details
Donald R StavelyTina K Taylor07/04/1996CallowayKYView Details
Billy G TaylorTina K Taylor08/30/1980DallasTXView Details
Danny L WilliamsonTina K Taylor09/24/1988JeffersonTXView Details
Terry R BurkeTina L Taylor12/21/1991HartKYView Details
Daniel J CarlTina L Taylor10/03/1981StarkOHView Details
Daniel C CookTina L Taylor06/05/1999ClayMNView Details
Robert A CottermanTina L Taylor01/14/1995LoganOHView Details
Brian J DavidsonTina L Taylor06/06/1997ClayMNView Details
Steven H DoubetTina L Taylor09/02/1978Los AngelesCAView Details
Michael E FieldsTina L Taylor03/27/1970BowieTXView Details
Jeffrey B ForemanTina L Taylor06/10/1995StarkOHView Details
Robert A GlennTina L Taylor08/12/1989JeffersonTXView Details
Anthony G HarrisonTina L Taylor03/05/1987TarrantTXView Details
Kenneth R HeckTina L Taylor06/27/2003TrumbullOHView Details
Theodore R HendrixTina L Taylor12/29/1974Los AngelesCAView Details
Wesley K HilbornTina L Taylor05/12/1998SummitOHView Details
Carl L HookerTina L Taylor02/24/1996ButlerOHView Details
Mark W KennedyTina L Taylor12/06/1985HarrisTXView Details
Todd A LeachTina L Taylor06/27/1997ButlerKYView Details
Keith D ManningTina L Taylor07/10/1982OrangeCAView Details
Hilario MartinezTina L Taylor04/02/1987RenoNVView Details
Carl M McmasterTina L Taylor02/28/1986JohnsonTXView Details
Eric K MorrisTina L Taylor06/06/1977MidlandTXView Details
Alvis L NealTina L Taylor08/01/1975JohnsonTXView Details
Larry D NobleTina L Taylor09/24/1977AndersonKYView Details

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