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Marriage Records for Steven Christensen

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Steven L ChristensenMarcy L Abrams02/24/2001LarimerCOView Details
Steven ChristensenKathryn J Adams12/16/1978Contra CostaCAView Details
Steven ChristensenSue A Aguilar09/15/1973AlamedaCAView Details
Steven ChristensenJudy L Ardrey05/27/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Steven Leon ChristensenCatherine Bailey10/11/1989SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenEvelyn A Bean02/06/1970Los AngelesCAView Details
Steven David ChristensenDenise Lorraine Bentley09/09/1977SaltlUTView Details
Steven Harold ChristensenJulie Bradshaw09/13/1975SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenDeborah E Brown04/23/1984Los AngelesCAView Details
Steven Willmor ChristensenMichelle C Brown10/21/1980SaltlUTView Details
Steven Craig ChristensenDiane Campbell01/27/1977SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenDeena R Carey11/18/1978SonomaCAView Details
Steven W ChristensenBobbie Jo Chavis08/19/1972Las VeNVView Details
Steven M ChristensenJinx M Ciolli04/04/1992TravisTXView Details
Steven L ChristensenSusan Renae Conner01/01/1997ClarkNVView Details
Steven A ChristensenLucille J Cosgriff04/27/1991DakotaMNView Details
Steven B ChristensenSandra A Cross07/24/1993ClarkNVView Details
Steven Smith ChristensenJune Cutler06/28/1973SaltlUTView Details
Steven P ChristensenLori S Deshazer06/15/1991WashoeNVView Details
Steven R ChristensenJan L Drier03/31/1978BellTXView Details
Steven John ChristensenSandra Jean Drown08/31/1995BayFLView Details
Steven ChristensenMary E Ellis10/28/1967OrangeCAView Details
Steven J ChristensenJoan M Fleischhacker06/15/2001FaribaultMNView Details
Steven P ChristensenMargaret M Garcia09/20/1977StatelNVView Details
Steven D ChristensenJudith R Glines10/09/1976AnokaMNView Details
Steven Mark ChristensenTonja L Graf04/08/1989ClarkNVView Details
Steven P ChristensenTamela L Graves11/07/1981StearnsMNView Details
Steven D ChristensenJanell M Green06/04/1994RedwoodMNView Details
Steven L ChristensenSherry B Hadley11/04/1977WeberUTView Details
Steven Louis ChristensenNyla Marie Hansen03/28/1989SaltlUTView Details
Steven Leavitt ChristensenElla Arlene Harris11/10/1961SaltlUTView Details
Steven Dewayne ChristensenStacy Susette Hedgpeth03/21/1985SaltlUTView Details
Steven P ChristensenKaren S Himes05/25/1985HendersonKYView Details
Steven M ChristensenSandra J Hitt02/20/1982RenoNVView Details
Steven Bruce ChristensenKathie Yvonne Hodges10/16/1973OkaloosaFLView Details
Steven E ChristensenLayla A Hodges06/02/2001BrazosTXView Details
Steven Bruce ChristensenDeborah Ann Holden02/08/1975OkaloosaFLView Details
Steven M ChristensenChristine L Horn08/22/1986AnokaMNView Details
Steven C ChristensenLora L Jackelen01/23/1988RamseyMNView Details
Steven Jack ChristensenJodie Ann Jensen02/11/1971SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenPatricia Jimenez08/21/1971AlamedaCAView Details
Steven G ChristensenStephanie Lynette Johnson11/14/1983SaltlUTView Details
Steven V ChristensenGlena Keele04/11/1998ClarkNVView Details
Steven Wayne ChristensenSusan Kennicott08/22/1973SaltlUTView Details
Steven Earl ChristensenJill Knight12/11/1979SaltlUTView Details
Steven P ChristensenSusan M Kremers10/06/1990StearnsMNView Details
Steven Alan ChristensenPamela Ann Lambrecht06/08/1985StatelNVView Details
Steven Arthur ChristensenRenee Beth Lamphier09/16/1988ClarkNVView Details
Steven E ChristensenCrystal S Leonard09/27/1980RichlandOHView Details
Steven Marti ChristensenPamela Dale Liedtke06/14/1994DouglaNVView Details
Steven D ChristensenKarla K Luers10/24/1998KoochichingMNView Details
Steven Joseph ChristensenJacqueline Jeanne Lujan05/21/1988ClarkNVView Details
Steven William ChristensenPatricia Ann Mackey06/12/1990SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenKimberly J Mancebo07/31/1982ShastaCAView Details
Steven L ChristensenPatsy J Mccoy03/15/1986ElkoNVView Details
Steven ChristensenDiane K Mccrea08/26/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Steven Scott ChristensenJill Mcfarland04/27/1989DavisUTView Details
Steven L ChristensenChristine E Mulkin07/05/1975DenverCOView Details
Steven Williams ChristensenMary Louise Nebeker12/19/1969SaltlUTView Details
Steven Donald ChristensenCynthia Lynn Nelson05/29/1982SarasotaFLView Details
Steven E ChristensenWendy J Newberry01/16/1987FayetteKYView Details
Steven Edmund ChristensenPatti Jo Norling04/15/1989VolusiaFLView Details
Steven E ChristensenCatherine M Norman09/05/1986RamseyMNView Details
Steven L ChristensenPatricia H Oboyle03/31/1984DakotaMNView Details
Steven W ChristensenJean M Otto11/25/1977RamseyMNView Details
Steven Henry ChristensenAnnella Elizabeth Palmer12/21/1985Palm BeachFLView Details
Steven ChristensenRobin A Panceroff10/27/1979Los AngelesCAView Details
Steven D ChristensenJulie J Peterson12/30/1995RamseyMNView Details
Steven L ChristensenBonnie Phoenix07/26/1966SaltlUTView Details
Steven Martin ChristensenCaroline Ann Price07/21/1989WashoeNVView Details
Steven M ChristensenDorothy B Rector07/16/1977FreebornMNView Details
Steven C ChristensenEdna A Reeves04/22/1983AndersonTXView Details
Steven Eugene ChristensenEllen Mae Roberts07/26/1992WashoeNVView Details
Steven Lloyd ChristensenJeanne Elaine Roberts08/28/1970SaltlUTView Details
Steven ChristensenSue A Roehl09/15/1973AlamedaCAView Details
Steven ChristensenBarbara A Ross08/05/1972San DiegoCAView Details
Steven C ChristensenCarol A Roth07/23/1988DallasTXView Details
Steven ChristensenKim E Rowland07/20/1979AlamedaCAView Details
Steven D ChristensenLinda J Royer09/25/1982SherburneMNView Details
Steven C ChristensenMaria D Sanchez10/06/2001TarrantTXView Details
Steven Eldon ChristensenMaria Ines Santana10/11/1991SaltlUTView Details
Steven R ChristensenRebecca L Schotzko08/25/1990BrownMNView Details
Steven J ChristensenSusan A Schwinn02/07/1981DallasTXView Details
Steven J ChristensenLydia Serrano07/02/1978DenverCOView Details
Steven J ChristensenNanette M Shultz06/17/1978LucasOHView Details
Steven G ChristensenTeri L Shuraleff06/01/1991Blue EarthMNView Details
Steven Edward ChristensenCarla Britt Smith08/11/1989SaltlUTView Details
Steven R ChristensenJessie J Smith07/18/1975HarrisTXView Details
Steven Eugene ChristensenTrudy Lynn Sorenson06/04/1971SaltlUTView Details
Steven K ChristensenDiana L Summers09/18/1982GrandCOView Details
Steven V ChristensenBecky Lee Suter08/30/1975SaltlUTView Details
Steven Karl ChristensenCathy Lou Tate02/16/1973Miami-dadeFLView Details
Steven R ChristensenRebecca J Taylor04/22/1995CottonwoodMNView Details
Steven F ChristensenKaren J Tedder08/30/1979ClarkNVView Details
Steven J ChristensenRhonda L Thompsen06/13/1981SteeleMNView Details
Steven ChristensenSharon L Thompson08/16/1969SacramentoCAView Details
Steven ChristensenChristie A Tietjen08/03/1974RiversideCAView Details
Steven ChristensenBarbara Vannorden08/05/1972San DiegoCAView Details
Steven J ChristensenLauren K Wardell09/29/2001DallasTXView Details
Steven Todd ChristensenStephanie Leigh Waters05/25/1996ClarkNVView Details

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