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Marriage Records for Roy Ross

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Roy Franklin RossEdna Mae Runswick Anderson02/07/1975SaltlUTView Details
Roy L RossLinda M Anderson03/30/1990HarrisTXView Details
Roy E RossSusan M Austin04/20/1991PolkTXView Details
Roy L RossLois E Barr05/14/1983GraysonTXView Details
Roy E RossEsther Bauer10/09/1973OrangeCAView Details
Roy Lee RossTeresa Maria Benjamin08/19/1995St LucieFLView Details
Roy Lee RossBrenda Carol Bishop10/10/1968TarrantTXView Details
Roy L RossBrenda J Burke07/22/1989AngelinaTXView Details
Roy D RossJudith A Chestnut02/14/1960Los AngelesCAView Details
Roy Dennis RossVirginia Faye Cochran06/14/1975BrowardFLView Details
Roy L RossMary Comeaux01/18/1997HarrisTXView Details
Roy E RossEsther Corrado10/09/1973OrangeCAView Details
Roy L RossBelva K Craig10/23/1978WichitaTXView Details
Roy Elvin RossBarbara Jean Davidson07/01/1996DouglaNVView Details
Roy G RossJoyce E Dodd10/08/1977BowieTXView Details
Roy L RossVirginia G Doshier08/25/1972GraysonTXView Details
Roy L RossBelle M Doughty07/11/1931UnknownMEView Details
Roy Edward RossNanci Mary Doyle10/26/1990ClarkNVView Details
Roy L RossAmanda L Elam09/11/1989MorganKYView Details
Roy J RossDarlene Evans06/07/1972San AugustineTXView Details
Roy L RossCarolyn R Flannery07/26/1986MorganKYView Details
Roy Thomas RossJane Carol Fox07/04/1984PinellasFLView Details
Roy C RossBarbara Marie Garrett07/02/1994WashingtonFLView Details
Roy B RossDiana M Garro06/03/1967HartfordCTView Details
Roy R RossGloria L Gilcrest06/24/1978Los AngelesCAView Details
Roy A RossCarol S Gillman10/22/1994JacksonOHView Details
Roy A RossArlene Gipson06/10/1995DallasTXView Details
Roy Dale RossDonnamarie Elizabeth Hamilton10/28/1989Miami-dadeFLView Details
Roy M RossGloria J Hardy11/10/1984DallasTXView Details
Roy W RossDianne M Hopkins11/14/1986El PasoCOView Details
Roy L RossCandice D Huggins05/05/2000TXView Details
Roy L RossIma J Humphrey03/12/1981DallasTXView Details
Roy RossIrene Hurt10/05/1987ClermontOHView Details
Roy T RossWilma H Jenkins06/30/1971DallasTXView Details
Roy F RossGlenna F Johnson08/10/1974CrawfordOHView Details
Roy RossLora L Kelly02/14/1981JacksonOHView Details
Roy L RossBelle M Leighton07/11/1931UnknownMEView Details
Roy D RossMarsha M Lewis08/20/1994FranklinOHView Details
Roy D RossBarbara J Lloyd01/24/1974DallasTXView Details
Roy Joseph RossLuana Helen Lorenzo07/02/1966DallasTXView Details
Roy J RossEsther Mantell03/24/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Roy R RossMattie Mcquiston07/29/1972HarrisTXView Details
Roy T RossYvonne Montgomery03/14/1975ButlerOHView Details
Roy K RossPatricia A Obannon07/10/1972HarrisTXView Details
Roy RossAngelia Parks12/30/1990BreathittKYView Details
Roy L RossAngelia Parks08/12/1994MorganKYView Details
Roy Gerald RossWanda Mae Parsons12/30/1983BrowardFLView Details
Roy Allan RossDoreene May Pendergraft07/26/1986ClarkNVView Details
Roy R RossDawn K Perkins07/03/1995El PasoCOView Details
Roy Dennis RossVirginia Faye Pickett06/14/1975BrowardFLView Details
Roy F RossCynthia L Pinkerton09/05/1970JeffersonOHView Details
Roy L RossRichard D Renee12/29/1975HarrisTXView Details
Roy Thomas RossJane Carol Richards07/04/1984PinellasFLView Details
Roy L RossDebra S Robinson06/29/1972San DiegoCAView Details
Roy Earl RossJean Arlen Ross02/18/1974LakeFLView Details
Roy L RossRobin Y Ross12/27/1991WashingtonKYView Details
Molly MaciasRoy F Ross04/26/1975ClarkNVView Details
Roy W RossTamara R Sanford05/29/1983TylerTXView Details
Roy A RossMary E Shiffer02/01/1964OrangeCAView Details
Roy RossCarol Simpkins04/07/1984JacksonOHView Details
Roy Gene RossBarbara Jean Smith01/31/1977SaltlUTView Details
Roy R RossGloria L Smith06/24/1978Los AngelesCAView Details
Roy E RossJacquelyn L Smith05/22/1982PolkTXView Details
Roy Gerald RossWanda Mae Smith12/30/1983BrowardFLView Details
Roy Joseph RossRoberta Lee Stanley12/29/1971DouglaNVView Details
Roy Homer RossMarilyn Steffensen01/15/1948SaltlUTView Details
Roy M RossDeborah S Thomas07/13/2002TravisTXView Details
Roy M RossGladys J Tillotson12/07/1991DallasTXView Details
Roy L RossRobin Y Tingle09/15/1984WashingtonKYView Details
Roy L RossLinda M Volpe05/27/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Roy Elvin RossBarbara Jean Davi Walker07/01/1996DouglaNVView Details
Roy Earl RossJean Arlen Walker02/18/1974LakeFLView Details
Roy E RossBennie R Watts12/03/1965Santa BarbaraCAView Details
Roy Lee RossTeresa Maria Williams08/19/1995St LucieFLView Details
Roy Oscar RossMary Delores Wilson12/27/1947HarrisonWVView Details
Roy A RossVicki A Witt06/05/1987McleodMNView Details

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