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Marriage Records for Rosalinda Hernandez

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Jose G AguilarRosalinda Hernandez01/20/1975WebbTXView Details
Luis AguilarRosalinda Hernandez08/16/1974CameronTXView Details
Michael A AguilarRosalinda Hernandez04/08/1982BexarTXView Details
Armando AlamedaRosalinda Hernandez01/12/1980BexarTXView Details
Richard AldacoRosalinda Hernandez06/07/1996TravisTXView Details
David Michael AllenRosalinda Hernandez09/12/1987DouglaNVView Details
Rodolfo AlmeidaRosalinda Hernandez06/03/1977BeeTXView Details
Frank AlvaradoRosalinda Hernandez01/26/1991DallasTXView Details
Jaime A AlvaradoRosalinda Hernandez06/25/1983HidalgoTXView Details
Joe G AlviarRosalinda Hernandez11/21/1980BellTXView Details
Ernesto AndradaRosalinda Hernandez01/04/1988BexarTXView Details
Henry ArevaloRosalinda Hernandez08/23/1988ClarkNVView Details
Manuel ArguelloRosalinda Hernandez03/13/1973BexarTXView Details
Christopher L BarrettRosalinda Hernandez05/31/1994El PasoTXView Details
Juan I BuitronRosalinda Hernandez02/28/1992Val VerdeTXView Details
John J ButlerRosalinda Hernandez01/13/1996CameronTXView Details
Jose P CallesRosalinda Hernandez06/15/1983HarrisTXView Details
Jorge CamposRosalinda Hernandez10/06/1982BexarTXView Details
Jose A CantuRosalinda Hernandez09/16/1980CameronTXView Details
Benito R CarabajalRosalinda Hernandez08/01/1970EdwardsTXView Details
Celestino CarrilloRosalinda Hernandez03/19/1979WilliamsonTXView Details
Joe L CasillasRosalinda Hernandez05/07/1994BexarTXView Details
Valente R CastroRosalinda Hernandez12/23/2000TXView Details
Maximo ColonRosalinda Hernandez08/16/1977HidalgoTXView Details
Leonso ContrerasRosalinda Hernandez08/01/1992BrowardFLView Details
German CortesRosalinda Hernandez09/06/2002HarrisTXView Details
Pedro J CruzRosalinda Hernandez06/09/1990BexarTXView Details
Fernando CuevasRosalinda Hernandez12/13/1969FallonNVView Details
Ramon A DavilaRosalinda Hernandez12/06/1996HidalgoTXView Details
Jose S DominguezRosalinda Hernandez04/20/1994HarrisTXView Details
David G DubyRosalinda Hernandez08/03/1991CollinTXView Details
Jimmy R DunlapRosalinda Hernandez03/29/1973DallasTXView Details
Ricardo H EscobedoRosalinda Hernandez10/20/1978NolanTXView Details
Gilberto S EspinozaRosalinda Hernandez10/08/1983ColoradoTXView Details
Luis A FloresRosalinda Hernandez02/08/1971HarrisTXView Details
Flavio GajardoRosalinda Hernandez11/27/1972Miami-dadeFLView Details
Arturo GalindoRosalinda Hernandez01/03/1986BexarTXView Details
Trinidad GalindoRosalinda Hernandez10/13/1993StarrTXView Details
Abraham GarciaRosalinda Hernandez12/23/1989Tom GreenTXView Details
Abraham M GarciaRosalinda Hernandez05/24/1995MedinaTXView Details
Gabriel A GarciaRosalinda Hernandez12/31/2001BexarTXView Details
Israel GarciaRosalinda Hernandez06/30/1997HidalgoTXView Details
Joel L GarciaRosalinda Hernandez10/19/1977NuecesTXView Details
Juan GarciaRosalinda Hernandez11/08/1975BexarTXView Details
Martin GarciaRosalinda Hernandez04/15/1987CameronTXView Details
Cecilio GarzaRosalinda Hernandez03/16/1976WebbTXView Details
Ezequiel L GarzaRosalinda Hernandez10/27/1970HidalgoTXView Details
Bobby L GonzalesRosalinda Hernandez06/26/2001WeldCOView Details
Rene M GraciaRosalinda Hernandez03/17/1997HarrisTXView Details
Euclides GrullonRosalinda Hernandez11/28/1981Miami-dadeFLView Details
Concepcion GutierrezRosalinda Hernandez03/17/1973BexarTXView Details
Daniel GutierrezRosalinda Hernandez02/18/1970CameronTXView Details
Fidel V GuzmanRosalinda Hernandez02/23/1997HarrisTXView Details
Hector GuzmanRosalinda Hernandez06/28/1997CameronTXView Details
Abraham HernandezRosalinda Hernandez06/19/1999HidalgoTXView Details
Angel Ramirez HernandezRosalinda Hernandez04/01/1983ClarkNVView Details
Jose HernandezRosalinda Hernandez08/08/1995TravisTXView Details
Jose F HernandezRosalinda Hernandez11/17/2001WalkerTXView Details
Charlie HuffmanRosalinda Hernandez02/17/1996GalvestonTXView Details
Ralph E LagunaRosalinda Hernandez06/30/1984DallasTXView Details
Jose Manuel LariosRosalinda Hernandez11/02/1978ElkoNVView Details
Isidoro LealRosalinda Hernandez01/19/1980CameronTXView Details
Mario F LopezRosalinda Hernandez03/19/1988BexarTXView Details
James D LoweryRosalinda Hernandez08/25/1990HidalgoTXView Details
Daniel LozanoRosalinda Hernandez06/01/1996HarrisTXView Details
Jose R LunaRosalinda Hernandez01/23/1984HarrisTXView Details
Felix MaciasRosalinda Hernandez02/20/1982BexarTXView Details
Rene R MadridRosalinda Hernandez02/10/1995El PasoTXView Details
Baltazar A MartinezRosalinda Hernandez08/05/1978BaileyTXView Details
Ricardo MartinezRosalinda Hernandez04/07/1982El PasoTXView Details
Salvador MartinezRosalinda Hernandez12/05/1993ClarkNVView Details
Tony MartinezRosalinda Hernandez03/31/2001TravisTXView Details
Tomas MataRosalinda Hernandez02/06/1971BexarTXView Details
Gilberto A MejiaRosalinda Hernandez09/20/1986CameronTXView Details
Ernesto MendezRosalinda Hernandez11/26/1993Mc LennanTXView Details
Jose G MendozaRosalinda Hernandez12/02/1980ClarkNVView Details
Manuel MezaRosalinda Hernandez09/25/1988CameronTXView Details
Gustavo C MolinaRosalinda Hernandez09/14/1985HidalgoTXView Details
Pete A MolinaRosalinda Hernandez09/15/1973WichitaTXView Details
Mata Daniel M MooreRosalinda Hernandez09/03/1993BexarTXView Details
Mateo M MoralesRosalinda Hernandez09/06/1989NuecesTXView Details
Ezequiel MorelosRosalinda Hernandez03/19/1988ClarkNVView Details
Christophe M MosleyRosalinda Hernandez01/23/1987SmithTXView Details
Joseph MunozRosalinda Hernandez01/18/1985AndrewsTXView Details
Manuel NavarroRosalinda Hernandez02/27/1988CameronTXView Details
Jose L PastranoRosalinda Hernandez12/18/1999BexarTXView Details
Michael A PerezRosalinda Hernandez01/15/2000TXView Details
Richard PerezRosalinda Hernandez06/09/1992ClarkNVView Details
David E PollockRosalinda Hernandez09/06/1986LubbockTXView Details
Ruben PorrasRosalinda Hernandez11/22/1993ParmerTXView Details
Abel M QuinteroRosalinda Hernandez01/23/1984HidalgoTXView Details
Antonio L RamirezRosalinda Hernandez05/15/1995BexarTXView Details
Rito RamirezRosalinda Hernandez03/23/1973HarrisTXView Details
Rosendo S RamirezRosalinda Hernandez03/22/1991NuecesTXView Details
Noah Clifford RamseyRosalinda Hernandez07/07/1966BexarTXView Details
Julio C RetamarRosalinda Hernandez05/16/1975AtascosaTXView Details
Timothy J ReyesRosalinda Hernandez04/07/2001BexarTXView Details
Alberto RodriguezRosalinda Hernandez08/08/1995HidalgoTXView Details
Jorge H RodriguezRosalinda Hernandez10/26/2001HarrisTXView Details
Noe RodriguezRosalinda Hernandez07/07/1990CameronTXView Details

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