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Marriage Records for Paul Curtis

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Paul Wayne CurtisVeronica Canasa Adkins07/01/1995WashoeNVView Details
Paul Douglas CurtisLaureen Andersen06/18/1970SaltlUTView Details
Paul CurtisGrace M Arnold08/09/1920UnknownMEView Details
Paul L CurtisTracy L Austin09/25/1982BooneKYView Details
Paul Gerald CurtisCrystal Ross Bailey02/24/2004El PasoCOView Details
Paul J CurtisJoan M Barker02/08/1991MiamiOHView Details
Paul J CurtisDebra A Biles05/25/1973MontgomeryTXView Details
Paul Anthony CurtisGloria Ethel Bishop10/12/1991UnknownMEView Details
Paul D CurtisLeona M Bowman03/24/1996FayetteOHView Details
Paul Albert CurtisLynne Marie Branson08/13/1983Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul W CurtisJoan P Brazelton02/14/1986MiamiOHView Details
Paul A CurtisAmanda R Brewer06/25/1988MuskingumOHView Details
Paul Zane CurtisSara Jo Callister10/07/1991SaltlUTView Details
Paul L CurtisJean E Campbell10/14/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul Albert CurtisNancy Mccoll Carroll08/01/1997Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul S CurtisWilliam L Christin04/22/1978Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul G CurtisCarol Conklin09/07/1985HarrisTXView Details
Paul CurtisCynthia Coss06/03/1978LakeOHView Details
Paul R CurtisTana M Cunningham08/24/1974AlamedaCAView Details
Paul R CurtisTania M Cunningham08/24/1974AlamedaCAView Details
Paul H CurtisTheresa A Davidson10/04/1975WichitaTXView Details
Paul E CurtisGracie Delarosa04/18/1990CameronTXView Details
Paul M CurtisJoanne Delarosa02/14/1984ComalTXView Details
Paul E CurtisShirley J Denning06/25/1965ImperialCAView Details
Paul W CurtisSusan E Digan03/23/1979HartfordCTView Details
Paul Albert CurtisLynne Marie Divirgilio08/13/1983Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul Scott CurtisTracy Lynn Dorris01/21/1991BayFLView Details
Paul E CurtisShirley Fangman03/02/1997TaylorTXView Details
Paul Albert CurtisNancy Mccoll Fasulo08/01/1997Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul A CurtisShirley Figge12/27/1974HarrisTXView Details
Paul E CurtisJessica B Florio05/20/2000StarkOHView Details
Paul F CurtisEmily L Foster05/27/1978WilliamsOHView Details
Paul D CurtisJudith C Franck05/31/1975JeffersonKYView Details
Paul Michael CurtisAndrea Jean Fritz02/14/1982DuvalFLView Details
Paul R CurtisNina E Gaines10/04/1989JeffersonKYView Details
Paul Alexander CurtisKimberly Michelle Governor12/15/1989LeonFLView Details
Paul CurtisDarlene M Graham12/09/1988CuyahogaOHView Details
Paul J CurtisVirgini L Gray07/09/1998FranklinOHView Details
Paul J CurtisDebrah J Groehler04/16/1977HennepinMNView Details
Paul H CurtisJoan H Guggenheim12/22/1966Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul D CurtisConnie D Halligan07/24/1981GalvestonTXView Details
Paul Gregory CurtisChristy Jean Hardee02/18/1979PascoFLView Details
Paul Zura CurtisMelba Harris03/04/1966HarrisTXView Details
Paul Gavin CurtisMary Hartshorne04/11/1987HernandoFLView Details
Paul Arlington CurtisKelly Jean Haywood07/09/1992LeeFLView Details
Paul Lamar CurtisDebra Lynn Henderson12/31/1989OsceolaFLView Details
Paul CurtisAngie Hensley10/19/1882AdamsILView Details
Paul D CurtisJoann Hockett03/14/1976ClintonOHView Details
Paul T CurtisCarisa L Hoffman09/25/1993KentonKYView Details
Paul D CurtisLorraine E Holt06/23/1973OrangeCAView Details
Paul Lyle CurtisMarlene Holt09/14/1963SaltlUTView Details
Paul L CurtisSherry A Jackson07/13/1985RenoNVView Details
Paul R CurtisDaisy A Jones09/13/1928UnknownMEView Details
Paul Albert CurtisDebra Carol Joslin07/01/1972Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul W CurtisZoe Ann Kaminsky08/30/1982BellTXView Details
Paul A CurtisMartha A Kimble02/10/2000TXView Details
Paul A CurtisBobbie A King11/03/1962StanislausCAView Details
Paul A CurtisRoberta A King11/03/1962StanislausCAView Details
Paul CurtisStacey Maria Lamm12/23/1989Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul M CurtisVirginia H Lee05/16/1964MontereyCAView Details
Paul G CurtisLeslie A Libert04/16/1983Contra CostaCAView Details
Paul Jensen CurtisAnna Louie Liddiard12/31/1953SaltlUTView Details
Paul W CurtisJudy A Lingar01/05/1982DallasTXView Details
Paul Alan CurtisElizabeth Ann Long09/11/1986SaltlUTView Details
Paul L CurtisJean E Love10/14/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul F CurtisLinda C Macauley05/17/1980Contra CostaCAView Details
Paul W CurtisLucinda H Martin09/07/1994JeffersonKYView Details
Paul A CurtisPatrici A Martin09/01/1973PortageOHView Details
Paul E CurtisLinda S Massey06/22/2002CallahanTXView Details
Paul A CurtisSherry L Mcbride07/12/1983MontroseCOView Details
Paul Albert CurtisArline Diane Mcgehe11/11/1979Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul G CurtisDebra M Merrill02/17/1979RenoNVView Details
Paul William CurtisDorothy Annette Naylor05/31/1963SaltlUTView Details
Paul M CurtisGeorg Ann Obrien02/26/1994BexarTXView Details
Paul A CurtisBobbie A Parker11/03/1962StanislausCAView Details
Paul A CurtisRoberta A Parker11/03/1962StanislausCAView Details
Paul W CurtisDorothy L Phillips06/30/1984JeffersonKYView Details
Paul L CurtisGloria B Pope10/15/1960Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul A CurtisMaryjo Prince06/15/1991ChampaignOHView Details
Paul L CurtisRose M Richardson12/01/1995RamseyMNView Details
Paul D CurtisSharon L Roberts04/08/1989FayetteOHView Details
Paul A CurtisTerry L Robinson07/04/1981TarrantTXView Details
Paul J CurtisBrenda M Russell09/11/1982StearnsMNView Details
Paul L CurtisSandra G Saunders08/19/1981StarkOHView Details
Paul S CurtisJudith K Smith11/24/1979HamiltonOHView Details
Paul H CurtisCarol S Starr01/25/1964San JoaquinCAView Details
Paul L CurtisFrances I Strauss10/17/1981WashingtonOHView Details
Paul R CurtisPatricia A Strawder08/16/1997MontgomeryTXView Details
Paul C CurtisFrances A Suess06/25/1988MontgomeryOHView Details
Paul CurtisStacey Maria Thomas12/23/1989Palm BeachFLView Details
Paul Lawrence CurtisLaura Jewell Turner09/24/1966JeffersonTXView Details
Paul W CurtisLucinda M Vanhyfte09/23/1983BellTXView Details
Paul F CurtisDonna K Vitti10/28/1995FairfieldCTView Details
Paul W CurtisRebecca D Waldrep08/20/1988HarrisTXView Details
Paul Warren CurtisDawna Sue Watson02/12/1979ClarkNVView Details
Paul G CurtisLeslie A Watson04/16/1983Contra CostaCAView Details
Paul C CurtisCheryl A Webster07/30/1988FranklinOHView Details
Paul Lyle CurtisRuth Lenore Welker09/03/1946SaltlUTView Details
Paul M CurtisTambra L Wernette03/06/1989ComalTXView Details
Paul Z CurtisMildred T Willis11/27/1976TaylorTXView Details

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