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Marriage Records for Maria Regalado

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Manuel AlvarezMaria Regalado01/26/1974RenoNVView Details
Harold EsparzaMaria Regalado12/14/1976BellTXView Details
Alberto MataMaria Regalado02/14/2002Val VerdeTXView Details
Stephen D ParrisMaria Regalado06/21/1980BexarTXView Details
Eugenio SantillanaMaria Regalado01/06/1930SaltlUTView Details
Luis F ValdezMaria Regalado06/30/1995ClarkNVView Details
Luis C VerduzcoMaria Regalado04/26/1974CameronTXView Details
Rafael EspinozaMaria A Regalado04/18/1995El PasoTXView Details
Edward A NunezMaria Antonette Regalado04/22/1978ClarkNVView Details
Antonio C BalderasMaria C Regalado08/22/1997HarrisTXView Details
Tomas HernandezMaria C Regalado09/05/1987HidalgoTXView Details
Raymond Earl JonesMaria Caridad Regalado10/25/1980Miami-dadeFLView Details
Ramon L LorenzoMaria Christina Regalado08/28/1993WashoeNVView Details
Benito MedranoMaria Christina Regalado09/08/1986RenoNVView Details
Kenneth Dwan ClearmanMaria Consuelo Regalado11/16/1985RenoNVView Details
Arturo AlcocerMaria D Regalado12/18/1986TarrantTXView Details
Ricardo BorrotoMaria D Regalado11/24/1984Miami-dadeFLView Details
Robert A CarrigerMaria D Regalado07/25/1988WebbTXView Details
Jesus DelosreyesMaria D Regalado07/06/1987MaverickTXView Details
Apolonio EspinoMaria D Regalado06/21/1977El PasoTXView Details
Rafael C FloresMaria D Regalado05/18/1985MaverickTXView Details
Javier LermaMaria D Regalado02/01/1974HidalgoTXView Details
Juan F LopezMaria D Regalado09/04/1994ParmerTXView Details
Raul J LopezMaria D Regalado08/28/1970El PasoTXView Details
Jesus L LozanoMaria D Regalado12/06/1978El PasoTXView Details
Jose L NunezMaria D Regalado01/03/1992HidalgoTXView Details
Eduardo RoblesMaria D Regalado12/23/1991Val VerdeTXView Details
Gilberto SarinanaMaria D Regalado12/07/1968HidalgoTXView Details
Delfino VasquezMaria D Regalado05/03/1974Los AngelesCAView Details
Ruben VelazquezMaria D Regalado04/09/1999HidalgoTXView Details
John Edward BattoMaria Del Pilar Regalado01/04/1966CameronTXView Details
Lauro MartinezMaria Delcarmen Regalado06/25/1989WashoeNVView Details
Roberto Enrique BarrazaMaria Dolores Regalado04/27/1998Miami-dadeFLView Details
Juan Carlos LlerenaMaria Dolores Regalado04/20/1979Miami-dadeFLView Details
Jose Tomas RoldanMaria Dolores Regalado05/20/1989Miami-dadeFLView Details
Guadalupe SanchezMaria Dolores Regalado07/27/1968BrooksTXView Details
Isauro AcostaMaria E Regalado07/22/1983CameronTXView Details
Rafael G BenitezMaria E Regalado10/27/1994HarrisTXView Details
Jesus N ElizondoMaria E Regalado09/25/1980Fort BendTXView Details
Hector GomezMaria E Regalado05/21/1983MontereyCAView Details
Reinaldo PerezMaria E Regalado07/30/1977Miami-dadeFLView Details
Alfredo SidaMaria E Regalado05/08/1975El PasoTXView Details
Nam B TranMaria E Regalado08/01/1992HarrisTXView Details
Joseph Louis MarnettMaria Elena Regalado08/03/1973Miami-dadeFLView Details
Milton Cleo BrockMaria Elena B Regalado03/25/1989WashoeNVView Details
Salvador FrutosMaria F Regalado12/17/1983Santa ClaraCAView Details
Rafael HernandezMaria F Regalado01/13/1984CameronTXView Details
Manue SantosMaria F Regalado06/02/1973New HavenCTView Details
Victor S AndradaMaria G Regalado04/23/1976AtascosaTXView Details
Lewis J BelmontMaria G Regalado10/06/2002FairfieldCTView Details
Jose H BenitezMaria G Regalado01/02/1962Los AngelesCAView Details
Victoria G CamposMaria G Regalado02/23/1979Santa ClaraCAView Details
Julio R CastanheiraMaria G Regalado12/04/1976New HavenCTView Details
Domingo EscobedoMaria G Regalado08/24/1996El PasoTXView Details
David J IglesiasMaria G Regalado05/19/1984CameronTXView Details
Richard B MartinezMaria G Regalado04/19/1989WashoeNVView Details
Juan P MillerMaria G Regalado05/07/1984El PasoTXView Details
Rafael A PadillaMaria G Regalado07/17/1970Los AngelesCAView Details
Raul PerezMaria G Regalado03/14/1988HarrisTXView Details
Ramon M RosalesMaria G Regalado05/23/1983EctorTXView Details
Jose SaucedoMaria G Regalado04/27/1974ButteCAView Details
Gilbert UriegasMaria G Regalado07/25/1973GuadalupeTXView Details
Gilbert R UriegasMaria G Regalado03/17/1977GuadalupeTXView Details
Carlos L ArgumedoMaria I Regalado10/15/1976MaverickTXView Details
Alfredo R FloresMaria I Regalado01/12/1988HarrisTXView Details
Alfredo R FloresMaria I Regalado12/29/1991HarrisTXView Details
Alvin BlancoMaria L Regalado03/05/1964Santa BarbaraCAView Details
Ramiro DelgadoMaria L Regalado01/29/1991El PasoTXView Details
Efrain H FariasMaria L Regalado02/25/1987HarrisTXView Details
Geronimo RendonMaria L Regalado09/29/1978HidalgoTXView Details
Catarino RodriguezMaria L Regalado09/17/1993WebbTXView Details
Jorge M RodriguezMaria L Regalado08/21/1993DallasTXView Details
Hector C SaucedaMaria L Regalado01/08/1972HarrisTXView Details
Julio F TraslavinaMaria L Regalado11/22/1984FairfieldCTView Details
Hector C TurrubiateMaria L Regalado06/26/1971BexarTXView Details
Luis Antonio PelayoMaria Luisa Regalado10/16/1993WashoeNVView Details
Lonzo CobbMaria M Regalado12/17/1977Santa BarbaraCAView Details
Jesus F SalasMaria M Regalado12/07/1976El PasoTXView Details
Victor M SaldanaMaria N Regalado08/06/1978HarrisTXView Details
Benigno GarciaMaria R Regalado08/18/2001DallasTXView Details
William D ThomsonMaria R Regalado05/24/1986MidlandTXView Details
John VidalMaria R Regalado08/04/1973Los AngelesCAView Details
Rene MoralesMaria Rosario Regalado07/20/1997ClarkNVView Details
Patricio R CardonaMaria S Regalado09/18/1992Val VerdeTXView Details
Phillip D CortezMaria S Regalado04/30/1976Los AngelesCAView Details
Arturo RochaMaria S Regalado06/17/1970HidalgoTXView Details
James Z SomeraMaria S M Regalado09/20/1975RenoNVView Details
Francis V CasellaMaria T Regalado09/03/1994New LondonCTView Details
Leroy JordanMaria T Regalado08/22/1992New HavenCTView Details
Julio CrowderMaria V Regalado07/14/1995Val VerdeTXView Details
Mario EspinozaMaria V Regalado01/02/1999El PasoTXView Details

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