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Marriage Records for Larry Perkins

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Larry D PerkinsMaria D Acuna04/14/2002HidalgoTXView Details
Larry Dale PerkinsKathryn Louise Adams02/24/1968HarrisTXView Details
Larry L PerkinsKathleen Ainsworth08/11/1964RiversideCAView Details
Larry M PerkinsCheri A Almond06/30/1989LakeOHView Details
Larry G PerkinsBrenda A Amant11/06/1976StanislausCAView Details
Larry D PerkinsTammy Amyx05/28/1982MorganKYView Details
Larry J PerkinsCarol M Avery09/13/1961Los AngelesCAView Details
Larry William PerkinsTrudy Jean Baker04/07/1982TonopaNVView Details
Larry P PerkinsBrenda F Barnhart08/03/1975MontgomeryOHView Details
Larry M PerkinsShirley M Barth07/05/1975BexarTXView Details
Larry L PerkinsKatherine M Bates12/08/1990JohnsonTXView Details
Larry F PerkinsBeverly C Beasley12/29/1984GarrardKYView Details
Larry Thomas PerkinsCheryle Love Bell06/27/1992Miami-dadeFLView Details
Larry W PerkinsPenny C Blake03/17/1979TravisTXView Details
Larry M PerkinsRhonda L Bland02/14/1987DallasTXView Details
Larry D PerkinsNancy L Bonham04/16/1994AngelinaTXView Details
Larry Bion PerkinsLynda Bordeaux06/13/1976SaltlUTView Details
Larry R PerkinsDenise M Bourg12/24/1996FranklinKYView Details
Larry W PerkinsDeborah N Bowers06/26/1993WashoeNVView Details
Larry PerkinsTina J Bowers01/26/1979HamiltonOHView Details
Larry D PerkinsConnie L Brannon02/20/1972VenturaCAView Details
Larry G PerkinsNancy C Brooke11/04/1966AlamedaCAView Details
Larry Don PerkinsLeanne Elizabeth Broughton11/27/1980BayFLView Details
Larry R PerkinsSheila M Brown09/01/1979UnknownMEView Details
Larry W PerkinsMadlyn V Bryant12/14/1974HarrisTXView Details
Larry W PerkinsCynthia J Burnett06/22/1973DallasTXView Details
Larry Mitchell PerkinsSharon Dorothy Byrd01/27/1979PinellasFLView Details
Larry D PerkinsCharlene D Carey07/15/1983BrazoriaTXView Details
Larry T PerkinsTammy M Carlisle05/15/1992HardinKYView Details
Larry W PerkinsJacqueline Chappell07/24/1982TravisTXView Details
Larry W PerkinsElsie F Clark04/14/1987OrangeTXView Details
Larry H PerkinsEva M Clark11/18/1977GravesKYView Details
Larry T PerkinsJoann K Clark10/20/2001BastropTXView Details
Larry W PerkinsEllena A Clevinger12/14/1984RockwallTXView Details
Larry E PerkinsJanice K Cockrell07/26/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Larry L PerkinsLaura E Coffman07/02/1983GunnisonCOView Details
Larry William PerkinsSandra Louise Condray12/25/1982BrowardFLView Details
Larry D PerkinsBonnie L Cook06/03/1971GalvestonTXView Details
Larry G PerkinsAnna M Cox01/14/1994GraysonTXView Details
Larry Gene PerkinsCarolyn Jean Cozad05/16/1980RenoNVView Details
Larry D PerkinsMichelle J Cunningham07/28/1984UnknownMEView Details
Larry G PerkinsVivion F Currey11/12/1977HarrisTXView Details
Larry D PerkinsJudith A Davis11/17/1989JeffersonTXView Details
Larry W PerkinsPamela Davis04/18/1987HarrisTXView Details
Larry E PerkinsRebecca A Davis06/05/1973HopkinsKYView Details
Larry W PerkinsBrenda G Dodson07/14/1978DallasTXView Details
Larry M PerkinsDiane J Dyer08/14/1982MidlandTXView Details
Larry T PerkinsFlorence Michelle Edwards03/21/1970Miami-dadeFLView Details
Larry Judson PerkinsMartine Ellen Elstner09/08/1990BakerFLView Details
Larry C PerkinsJoyce A England11/19/1971HarrisTXView Details
Larry D PerkinsSandra K Fannin07/02/1976FayetteKYView Details
Larry D PerkinsDiana Garcia02/06/1971BexarTXView Details
Larry PerkinsMattie Garland09/30/1982MagoffinKYView Details
Larry Don PerkinsPhyllis Camille Gaskin05/16/1999GulfFLView Details
Larry R PerkinsShannon C Gilligan03/20/1968RiversideCAView Details
Larry PerkinsDora E Gooden10/17/1981San DiegoCAView Details
Larry J PerkinsLinda J Guidry11/12/1968HarrisTXView Details
Larry L PerkinsEnedina Gutierrez07/03/1982FresnoCAView Details
Larry PerkinsMargret Hammer10/12/1996BarrenKYView Details
Larry R PerkinsSheryl L Hayes07/05/1988MuhlenbergKYView Details
Larry K PerkinsDebra S Henricks03/16/1985WarrenOHView Details
Larry Eugene PerkinsSuzanne Elli Hiller09/16/1988MonroeFLView Details
Larry PerkinsMary A Hodges08/04/1993HendersonKYView Details
Larry Dean PerkinsTerri Lynn Holt11/02/1977SarasotaFLView Details
Larry D PerkinsGlenna B Hoover08/28/1981BrazoriaTXView Details
Larry W PerkinsRosaura Macias Hurtado07/26/1994ClarkNVView Details
Larry A PerkinsPhyllis A Jacobson07/14/1990WilliamsonTXView Details
Larry PerkinsJoyce Lou Janie08/07/1973HillsboroughFLView Details
Larry Dwayne PerkinsLinda Joanna Johnson05/26/1972GladesFLView Details
Larry PerkinsLoretta Johnson02/02/1974ClarkNVView Details
Larry PerkinsPamela Jones07/26/1975CuyahogaOHView Details
Larry B PerkinsMary L Jump11/20/1993FranklinKYView Details
Larry G PerkinsCarol M Kelsay06/28/1988AdairKYView Details
Larry F PerkinsKathleen A Ketterling06/15/1984DenverCOView Details
Larry Judson PerkinsMartine Ellen Kruse09/08/1990BakerFLView Details
Larry PerkinsSheila Lawson06/28/1986WhitleyKYView Details
Larry D PerkinsLinda J Lesane05/25/1985CuyahogaOHView Details
Larry L PerkinsPatricia Linville12/20/1971San DiegoCAView Details
Larry Donald PerkinsJudy Ann Lofstrom12/09/1967SaltlUTView Details
Larry L PerkinsKaren D Loper08/16/1980MidlandTXView Details
Larry R PerkinsDeborah D Lowrey12/21/1977HarrisonTXView Details
Larry Irvin PerkinsRonda Lee Martin08/24/1985MonroeFLView Details
Larry N PerkinsJacqueli Martinez05/27/1977San DiegoCAView Details
Larry Osbon PerkinsTracy Matheny01/13/1990PolkFLView Details
Larry E PerkinsJanice K Mcbride07/26/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Larry W PerkinsBarbara S Mccoy10/22/1976WichitaTXView Details
Larry Wade PerkinsBarbara Sue Mccoy02/17/1968WilbargerTXView Details
Larry Earl PerkinsPaula Reyne Mckay06/14/1969SaltlUTView Details
Larry C PerkinsRhonda R Mckay09/08/1984DallasTXView Details
Larry T PerkinsEmily A Mckinney05/03/1980SolanoCAView Details
Larry B PerkinsJudy L Mcqueary04/20/1974RussellKYView Details
Larry Bion PerkinsLana Laneigh Mecham08/23/1965SaltlUTView Details
Larry L PerkinsKathleen Medeiros08/11/1964RiversideCAView Details
Larry Mitchell PerkinsSharon Dorothy Meyer01/27/1979PinellasFLView Details
Larry D PerkinsConnie L Milam02/20/1972VenturaCAView Details
Larry D PerkinsVicky L Miller06/19/1982WarrenKYView Details
Larry A PerkinsPamela J Montgomery09/28/1973NuecesTXView Details
Larry Earl PerkinsTina Marie Moore07/16/1976ElkoNVView Details
Larry Osbon PerkinsTracy Moore01/13/1990PolkFLView Details
Larry S PerkinsJanice D Moretti06/15/1974Los AngelesCAView Details

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