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Marriage Records for Kimberly Campbell

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Kimberly J CampbellJeanine A Baumann01/03/1981Los AngelesCAView Details
Kimberly J CampbellJeanine A Bowman01/03/1981Los AngelesCAView Details
Garland E BuckKimberly Campbell06/20/1970Santa BarbaraCAView Details
Michiel L BurnhamKimberly Campbell04/10/1999HarrisTXView Details
Scott A BurtonKimberly Campbell08/21/1982OrangeCAView Details
Steven P BynumKimberly Campbell08/01/1980HamiltonTXView Details
Murray J ClaassenKimberly Campbell09/05/1981OrangeCAView Details
Lewis D CoyleKimberly Campbell01/30/1992TarrantTXView Details
Timothy J FellbaumKimberly Campbell11/26/1983SacramentoCAView Details
Joseph P FournierKimberly Campbell10/01/1983Santa ClaraCAView Details
Jeffrey G GorderKimberly Campbell09/14/1985BellTXView Details
Glen D HuttoKimberly Campbell05/01/1987Van ZandtTXView Details
Theodore J LindKimberly Campbell07/13/1985AlamedaCAView Details
Charles W LowranceKimberly Campbell10/21/1995TarrantTXView Details
Harold J PeacockKimberly Campbell10/01/1977San DiegoCAView Details
Jim H PetersenKimberly Campbell10/13/1977SaltlUTView Details
Hector A ProcelKimberly Campbell04/13/1969HarrisTXView Details
Jerry R ReeceKimberly Campbell05/24/1996La PlataCOView Details
Steve L RodgersonKimberly Campbell11/04/1981FresnoCAView Details
Jerry L RollinsKimberly Campbell10/29/1982Los AngelesCAView Details
John G SherryKimberly Campbell09/14/1975MarinCAView Details
Don TillierKimberly Campbell10/15/1994StoreyNVView Details
Matthew L WoodsKimberly Campbell06/27/1985ChambersTXView Details
Clint L BarlowKimberly A Campbell07/27/1991FreestoneTXView Details
Troy S BatchelderKimberly A Campbell09/10/1988UnknownMEView Details
Daniel L BehringKimberly A Campbell04/07/1990BexarTXView Details
Jeffrey M BelangerKimberly A Campbell05/08/1982New HavenCTView Details
Terry R BolesKimberly A Campbell01/28/1989WoodTXView Details
Michiel L BurnhamKimberly A Campbell07/25/1989HarrisTXView Details
Michael S CarlKimberly A Campbell02/05/1994WashoeNVView Details
Michael M CruzcosaKimberly A Campbell01/01/1995TravisTXView Details
Carl J DelgadoKimberly A Campbell10/14/1995BellTXView Details
Paul K DoyleKimberly A Campbell12/27/1975El PasoCOView Details
Stephen C GouldKimberly A Campbell03/14/1992LibertyTXView Details
William J HardinKimberly A Campbell03/13/1997BellTXView Details
Daniel L HemkerKimberly A Campbell12/21/1999HarrisTXView Details
Mark A HerreraKimberly A Campbell03/19/1983DallasTXView Details
Billy D HinesKimberly A Campbell02/14/1975DallasTXView Details
Thomas L JonesKimberly A Campbell06/03/1996DenverCOView Details
Thomas L JonesKimberly A Campbell07/03/1996DenverCOView Details
Ronald A KoehlerKimberly A Campbell04/01/1982RockwallTXView Details
Gordon L LangKimberly A Campbell09/15/1996New LondonCTView Details
John D LytleKimberly A Campbell06/30/1990WashoeNVView Details
Andrew R MartiniKimberly A Campbell09/03/1995BoulderCOView Details
David K MobbsKimberly A Campbell08/17/1985RenoNVView Details
Chris C PalmerKimberly A Campbell03/18/1995CollinTXView Details
Karlos W PelfreyKimberly A Campbell11/01/1987PinellasFLView Details
Philip N PuckettKimberly A Campbell07/20/1985DallasTXView Details
Timothy L ReinkeKimberly A Campbell04/28/1984HennepinMNView Details
Kevin A RubyKimberly A Campbell10/18/1997HartfordCTView Details
Brian K ThompsonKimberly A Campbell03/16/1996Tom GreenTXView Details
Stephan A TothKimberly A Campbell06/19/1977RenoNVView Details
Elia TurnerKimberly A Campbell02/04/2000TXView Details
Ronald B WeberKimberly A Campbell08/27/1988TravisTXView Details
Phil J WhiteKimberly A Campbell04/26/1992El PasoTXView Details
Jeffrey S WilliamsKimberly A Campbell08/07/1999SmithTXView Details
Vernon W YoakemKimberly A Campbell07/25/1987Clear CreekCOView Details
Larry Phillip DufresneKimberly Adair Campbell10/16/1982SeminoleFLView Details
Scott J BleckKimberly Ann Campbell12/25/1986ClarkNVView Details
James Franklin CollinsKimberly Ann Campbell05/17/1980HillsboroughFLView Details
Wayne Harvey DeblakerKimberly Ann Campbell10/07/1983BrowardFLView Details
Jay Andrew FerlandKimberly Ann Campbell12/20/1997ClarkNVView Details
Maurice D GradyKimberly Ann Campbell09/13/2003ArapahoeCOView Details
Harold Duane HaleKimberly Ann Campbell02/24/1973Las VeNVView Details
James Robert HarpKimberly Ann Campbell05/21/1982StatelNVView Details
Christopher M HorsemanKimberly Ann Campbell06/08/1996ClarkNVView Details
Enrique Ramon HuertasKimberly Ann Campbell08/12/1989Miami-dadeFLView Details
Thomas James HyllengrenKimberly Ann Campbell02/14/1982ClarkNVView Details
Samuel Murillo IbarraKimberly Ann Campbell11/02/1977RenoNVView Details
Malik Lumumba KingKimberly Ann Campbell07/07/2003DenverCOView Details
Kelly Mark LeverettKimberly Ann Campbell12/29/1991OrangeFLView Details
Harley Jay RindalKimberly Ann Campbell08/28/1993ElkoNVView Details
Paul RiveraKimberly Ann Campbell10/23/1992EscambiaFLView Details
Keith Joseph RogersKimberly Ann Campbell05/18/1986BrowardFLView Details
Leonard L SheldonKimberly Ann Campbell11/27/1993UnknownMEView Details
Robert SmithKimberly Ann Campbell11/03/1998ClarkNVView Details
Keith Everett WakefieldKimberly Ann Campbell03/18/1989ClarkNVView Details
Shane Royce DuncanKimberly Anne Campbell07/23/1994BayFLView Details
Dennis James KiroffKimberly Anne Campbell08/29/1989PascoFLView Details
David Eric TidwellKimberly Anne Campbell05/12/1996LeonFLView Details
Charles E MillerKimberly B Campbell01/08/1981TaylorTXView Details
Brook A ClowdusKimberly C Campbell03/20/1999BrownTXView Details
Mark D ComisKimberly C Campbell05/19/1990TarrantTXView Details
Samuel S FranksKimberly C Campbell05/22/1992MillsTXView Details
Brian R RotheKimberly C Campbell10/07/1978DakotaMNView Details
Paul Franklin ThorntonKimberly C Campbell05/30/1994ClarkNVView Details
Richard Michael BundschuhKimberly Chrystala Campbell03/16/1984MarionFLView Details
Donald Hugh EllisonKimberly Chrystala Campbell11/05/1999MarionFLView Details
Rex Garfield ShriverKimberly Chrystala Campbell09/19/1987MarionFLView Details
Michael B KleinKimberly Colleen Campbell07/20/1989ClarkNVView Details
Clarence A AdamsKimberly D Campbell09/28/1984PotterTXView Details
Walter C BrackeenKimberly D Campbell04/10/1987GalvestonTXView Details
Calvin D CasteelKimberly D Campbell06/28/1996WiseTXView Details
Mark D CrumlyKimberly D Campbell11/27/1986WallerTXView Details
Kelvin B CurtisKimberly D Campbell08/13/1982CollinTXView Details
Richard A CushmanKimberly D Campbell07/05/1974PinellasFLView Details
Mark W GoldenKimberly D Campbell04/27/1996BowieTXView Details
Wilmer L GreemoreKimberly D Campbell12/01/1989HartfordCTView Details
Gerald D GriffithKimberly D Campbell09/05/1986MorrisonMNView Details
David KellyKimberly D Campbell01/01/1996HartfordCTView Details

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