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Marriage Records for Gretchen Smith

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Michael W CashGretchen Smith07/20/1974DallasTXView Details
Marcus Michael CrabtreeGretchen Smith10/16/1974DuvalFLView Details
James Gordon CrawfordGretchen Smith05/03/1974DuvalFLView Details
Matthew A GoldmanGretchen Smith06/29/1996LubbockTXView Details
George JacksonGretchen Smith04/22/1960StanislausCAView Details
George D JohnsonGretchen Smith03/26/1971HarrisTXView Details
Eugene S LyneGretchen Smith12/08/1972RenoNVView Details
Ronald RabinowitzGretchen Smith07/18/1978ElyNVView Details
Tony WilliamsGretchen Smith01/26/1993DuvalFLView Details
Kenneth R JoinesGretchen A Smith12/05/1992TravisTXView Details
Jeffrey V MesserGretchen A Smith06/04/1983TollandCTView Details
Walter J PaluszewskiGretchen A Smith08/07/1985New HavenCTView Details
Fredric L PierceGretchen A Smith05/20/1989MesaCOView Details
James R ThomasGretchen A Smith09/05/1992HarrisTXView Details
William J YoderGretchen A Smith02/02/1980Los AngelesCAView Details
Jeffrey Thomas RoltgenGretchen Aleta Smith04/29/1987ClarkNVView Details
Richard Dale ThorpeGretchen Ann Smith06/15/1996UnknownMEView Details
Leonard WareGretchen Ann Smith05/22/1993ClarkNVView Details
Glenn Wesley ProcopGretchen Anne Smith01/01/1980RenoNVView Details
Scott D CollierGretchen C Smith07/01/2000TXView Details
Christoph K PankratzGretchen C Smith08/08/1992JeffersonCOView Details
Ronald M PeraltaGretchen C Smith06/22/1975Los AngelesCAView Details
Paul B ZablockiGretchen C Smith09/26/1998El PasoCOView Details
Charles P CulkinGretchen D Smith12/04/1992New HavenCTView Details
John F DonnellyGretchen D Smith08/22/1998New HavenCTView Details
Frederick D NicholsonGretchen D Smith08/30/1986GarfieldCOView Details
Harold R BagleyGretchen E Smith04/04/1986El PasoCOView Details
Jay R BlackwelderGretchen E Smith05/12/1979LincolnCOView Details
Robert W FlaggGretchen E Smith08/21/1970VenturaCAView Details
Allan H KaufmanGretchen E Smith03/12/1976San BernardinoCAView Details
Francis J MurrayGretchen E Smith04/03/1987ClarkNVView Details
William T RotureauGretchen E Smith07/09/1975TellerCOView Details
Justin E TopelGretchen E Smith09/16/2000LarimerCOView Details
Joseph David SiemionGretchen Edith Smith12/18/1987BrevardFLView Details
William Ira LichtensteinGretchen Elizabeth Smith11/10/1990OrangeFLView Details
James Harrell AshbacherGretchen Faith Smith12/30/1995CollierFLView Details
Troy Wayne NesterGretchen Faith Smith03/18/1989CollierFLView Details
Jorge L AlvarezGretchen G Smith07/07/1990TaylorTXView Details
James F BinghamGretchen G Smith08/21/1982JeffersonCOView Details
Stanley KayGretchen G Smith06/30/1978RiversideCAView Details
Michael H StolzGretchen G Smith08/28/1982El PasoCOView Details
Jerome W WalterGretchen G Smith01/18/1969Los AngelesCAView Details
Robert John MurdieGretchen Gaye Smith02/05/1997VolusiaFLView Details
Donald Lee BryanGretchen Gerlach Smith08/09/1997PinellasFLView Details
John P FowlerGretchen H Smith12/20/1972ButteCAView Details
Thomas J BabineauGretchen J Smith02/15/1972Las VeNVView Details
Gilberto L MarquezGretchen J Smith12/21/1981CochranTXView Details
Nicholas A WilliamsGretchen J C Smith05/10/2003JeffersonCOView Details
Michael Ellsworth HarveyGretchen Janelle Smith04/20/1987WakullaFLView Details
Tim Alan GrandcolasGretchen Kathleen Smith05/05/1994MonroeFLView Details
Manuel S ArreguinGretchen L Smith08/23/1980MariposaCAView Details
Jerome C BendaGretchen L Smith06/16/1984HennepinMNView Details
Michael J CookGretchen L Smith06/09/1984PinellasFLView Details
Jeremy C FinleyGretchen L Smith05/25/1996BoulderCOView Details
Timothy S HopperGretchen L Smith04/04/1992MidlandTXView Details
Bryan P LordGretchen L Smith08/24/1996Crow WingMNView Details
Gregg L LuellenGretchen L Smith01/31/1989MontgomeryTXView Details
Carlos H PerezGretchen L Smith05/21/1994HarrisTXView Details
Richard E RatliffGretchen L Smith08/02/1986RenoNVView Details
Donald P SkoldbergGretchen L Smith08/21/1987New HavenCTView Details
Stuart W SteeleGretchen L Smith12/29/1979TulareCAView Details
Thomas E WalshGretchen L Smith07/25/1992New LondonCTView Details
Howard L WestGretchen L Smith11/24/1990El PasoCOView Details
Roy K WoolfGretchen L Smith09/21/1996AngelinaTXView Details
Zachery Lee RegisterGretchen Lea Smith02/05/1999BayFLView Details
John Joseph CafieroGretchen Lee Smith10/31/1992ClarkNVView Details
Edgar Martin SimmonsGretchen Louise Smith10/02/1970Miami-dadeFLView Details
Quincy Sinclair VineyardGretchen Lynne Smith07/02/1971Las VeNVView Details
Daniel P BarnesGretchen M Smith06/26/1999BellTXView Details
Dominic P DascoliGretchen M Smith05/24/1986FairfieldCTView Details
Curt A DeinerGretchen M Smith08/02/1986HennepinMNView Details
Randall L EnszGretchen M Smith05/26/1979WeldCOView Details
Timothy B KneenGretchen M Smith09/01/1991DouglasCOView Details
Joseph C MaherGretchen M Smith04/23/1988HennepinMNView Details
Walter R MathisGretchen M Smith04/11/1965Los AngelesCAView Details
Nicholas FranceGretchen Marie Smith03/26/1994PascoFLView Details
George StamosGretchen Marie Smith09/18/1982ClarkNVView Details
Lawrence Dean MerrittGretchen Mary Smith08/23/1968BellTXView Details
Scott Anthony MoormanGretchen Michelle Smith05/27/1995OsceolaFLView Details
Jeffrey P CornellGretchen P Smith10/30/1982MontereyCAView Details
James E StjohnGretchen P Smith03/10/1990SmithTXView Details
Willie L BivinsGretchen S Smith01/10/1976Miami-dadeFLView Details
Nathan J ChattertonGretchen S Smith02/15/2000BoulderCOView Details
Thomas A CristelliGretchen S Smith06/07/1991HennepinMNView Details
Stephen E HumphreyGretchen S Smith05/17/1975Los AngelesCAView Details
Stephen Kirk MangumGretchen Smith Smith05/28/1994DuvalFLView Details
Tony WilliamsGretchen Smith Smith07/14/1995DuvalFLView Details

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