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Marriage Records for Dorothy Dixon

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Harvey L AllenDorothy Dixon01/07/1978CuyahogaOHView Details
George Albert BrayDorothy Dixon03/17/1973LeonFLView Details
George BrewsterDorothy Dixon06/15/1974RenoNVView Details
Jerry J ChaissonDorothy Dixon02/12/1939UnknownMEView Details
Robert J EarlyDorothy Dixon04/20/1970CarsonNVView Details
Orville C HarrisDorothy Dixon02/14/1978SciotoOHView Details
Curley HinesDorothy Dixon10/17/1974DallasTXView Details
Robert HollowayDorothy Dixon01/16/1971Las VeNVView Details
Bennie Lee HortonDorothy Dixon03/21/1986OkaloosaFLView Details
William F JohnsonDorothy Dixon04/21/1973DallasTXView Details
Claude Edward OwensDorothy Dixon08/20/1985PolkFLView Details
William E PelhamDorothy Dixon09/24/1982HarrisTXView Details
Barney R PenningtonDorothy Dixon12/10/1984CookeTXView Details
Carlvin Samuel RobinsonDorothy Dixon08/05/1995CollierFLView Details
Edward L SmithDorothy Dixon04/09/1974ClarkNVView Details
Ronald Deral SnyderDorothy Dixon04/25/1987DuvalFLView Details
Donald P TravisDorothy Dixon07/23/1966MontereyCAView Details
George WilliamsDorothy Dixon08/07/1976RenoNVView Details
James D WilliamsDorothy Dixon09/06/1985TarrantTXView Details
Michael A WilmottDorothy Dixon06/20/1986ArapahoeCOView Details
Burton H BrackettDorothy A Dixon08/16/1944UnknownMEView Details
Doyle T ClantonDorothy A Dixon04/30/1993SmithTXView Details
Richard G DixonDorothy A Dixon03/13/1987GuernseyOHView Details
James H FisherDorothy A Dixon02/14/1969San DiegoCAView Details
Wesley E RichardsonDorothy A Dixon08/01/1963UnknownMEView Details
John D RudieDorothy A Dixon11/09/1988HendersonKYView Details
Otis P WhiteDorothy A Dixon07/05/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
James Joseph WilliamsDorothy Alice Dixon06/01/1966CookeTXView Details
Monty Wallis MusserDorothy Ann Dixon04/12/1989EscambiaFLView Details
James Clovis ReppondDorothy Ann Dixon08/20/1966SmithTXView Details
John Bob TogliattiDorothy Beth Dixon10/13/1931SaltlUTView Details
Howard G MerrillDorothy C Dixon04/17/1882Mc LeanILView Details
Howard E BallDorothy D Dixon04/12/1962OrangeCAView Details
Allen Edward MatthewsDorothy Daisy Dixon05/16/1988EscambiaFLView Details
John Thompson MatthewsDorothy Dalton Dixon10/09/1971HillsboroughFLView Details
Randy Wayne HoganDorothy Dianne Dixon10/16/1975Miami-dadeFLView Details
Joseph W BielickiDorothy E Dixon08/21/1966Los AngelesCAView Details
Howard E ChickDorothy E Dixon06/27/1925UnknownMEView Details
Clarence D CurryDorothy E Dixon12/24/1966Los AngelesCAView Details
Wesley J DavisDorothy E Dixon12/25/1974MontgomeryOHView Details
William E PayneDorothy E Dixon12/31/1974KentonKYView Details
Charles Hilton ShirleyDorothy Elizabeth Dixon11/21/1981OrangeFLView Details
Darryl Bernard MatthewsDorothy Faye Dixon12/06/1980ClarkNVView Details
Thomas William FinelliDorothy Frances Dixon05/31/1935SaltlUTView Details
Harvey E RoseDorothy H Dixon05/02/1973San DiegoCAView Details
Russell F AguilarDorothy J Dixon09/08/1962Los AngelesCAView Details
Willie A HendersonDorothy J Dixon01/21/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Robert T IveryDorothy J Dixon10/08/1986DallasTXView Details
John R NichollsDorothy J Dixon05/10/1974MarinCAView Details
Brian P StrikerDorothy J Dixon09/04/1993FranklinOHView Details
Lloyd WalkerDorothy J Dixon02/03/1978LucasOHView Details
Joseph P ZirbesDorothy J Dixon05/15/1964Los AngelesCAView Details
Leonard MaysDorothy Jean Dixon09/15/1979HillsboroughFLView Details
Francis Joseph SchenckDorothy Jean Dixon02/11/1983HillsboroughFLView Details
James RandleDorothy Jeane Dixon05/05/1985ClarkNVView Details
Jeremy Tatum TaylorDorothy Jenes Dixon12/01/1997OsceolaFLView Details
Terry Alan EdwardsDorothy Jennie Dixon02/09/1976LeeFLView Details
Carl L BosticDorothy L Dixon06/24/1994DentonTXView Details
Thurman DismukeDorothy L Dixon04/30/1960San FranciscoCAView Details
Raymond G DixonDorothy L Dixon02/24/1964Los AngelesCAView Details
Johnny JeffersonDorothy L Dixon07/28/1977San DiegoCAView Details
Robert F KlugDorothy L Dixon07/20/1974InyoCAView Details
Leopoldo M OlivaresDorothy L Dixon05/26/2000TXView Details
Kenneth W TaylorDorothy L Dixon03/14/1975CollinTXView Details
Donald R ThomasDorothy L Dixon07/06/1984GraysonTXView Details
Craig A WatsonDorothy L Dixon04/16/1999DallasTXView Details
Robert W WayDorothy L Dixon03/21/1995DallasTXView Details
Charles E WortmanDorothy L Dixon11/22/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Frank Richmond RoundingDorothy Loretta Dixon12/24/1970MarionFLView Details
Stanley L ArmstrongDorothy M Dixon12/31/1975AlamedaCAView Details
Raymond E BatdorfDorothy M Dixon08/06/1994CookMNView Details
Loyd BlufordDorothy M Dixon12/04/1969Los AngelesCAView Details
Richard L CharlesDorothy M Dixon07/22/1972SciotoOHView Details
Garrison F ClarkDorothy M Dixon07/23/1983Los AngelesCAView Details
Joe W DawsonDorothy M Dixon06/01/1987DallasTXView Details
Charles L JamesDorothy M Dixon08/30/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Gifford A JonesDorothy M Dixon05/07/1988HarrisTXView Details
Ocia D KazeeDorothy M Dixon12/13/1986RossOHView Details
Gerald L SmithDorothy M Dixon10/10/1970Los AngelesCAView Details
Gerald L SmithDorothy M Dixon12/31/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Brady R SnyderDorothy M Dixon05/14/1983MontereyCAView Details
Gaylord D WashingtonDorothy M Dixon12/28/1987DallasTXView Details
William Henry BogleDorothy Mae Dixon11/25/1989ColumbiaFLView Details
Ben JohnsonDorothy Mae Dixon12/21/1984EscambiaFLView Details
Kenneth Erwin KirschDorothy Mae Dixon02/24/1968DallasTXView Details
George Percy LawsheDorothy Mae Dixon11/18/1972PascoFLView Details
Atenogenes MolineroDorothy Mae Dixon10/27/1981PascoFLView Details
Joseph Cornelius PhilipDorothy Mae Dixon12/27/1991BrowardFLView Details
Lee Edward WilsonDorothy Mae Dixon06/05/1966DallasTXView Details
John L RosemondDorothy Marie Dixon06/06/1968DallasTXView Details
Owen E WatkinsDorothy N Dixon08/26/1994UnionKYView Details
Stephan Charles KuhlDorothy Odessa Dixon05/05/1999VolusiaFLView Details
Basil Douglas IngramDorothy Pearl Dixon12/25/1984OkaloosaFLView Details
William A FoxDorothy R Dixon07/20/1974MontereyCAView Details
Allen L MarcotteDorothy R Dixon05/15/1970MontgomeryTXView Details
Hugh A CampbellDorothy S Dixon05/30/1986KentonKYView Details
Edward Lee MasseyDorothy Sue Elouise Dixon04/01/1997BradfordFLView Details
Jose Ben MartinezDorothy T Dixon08/13/1968SaltlUTView Details
Johnny Bobby BrownDorothy Veronica Dixon05/20/1976BrowardFLView Details
Ollie H DixonDorothy Y Dixon09/09/1993JeffersonKYView Details

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