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Marriage Records for Clifford Thompson

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Clifford D ThompsonCassie M Akers06/26/2003ArapahoeCOView Details
Clifford E ThompsonLaura L Austin01/10/1987DenverCOView Details
Clifford L ThompsonSherry A Baldree07/22/1986RandallTXView Details
Clifford R ThompsonHelen E Bancroft06/18/1932UnknownMEView Details
Clifford J ThompsonLaurine Barnes02/05/1974GuadalupeTXView Details
Clifford ThompsonKathy L Batts01/13/1979BexarTXView Details
Clifford W ThompsonCindee J Bennett12/10/1976San Luis ObispoCAView Details
Clifford J ThompsonKari L Bernhoft06/01/1991Lake Of The WoodsMNView Details
Clifford Wayne ThompsonKaye Elizabeth Biddy07/23/1966WichitaTXView Details
Clifford A ThompsonBeverly A Blair05/22/1982AlamedaCAView Details
Clifford Fred ThompsonTwila June Bohannon03/31/1979CarsonNVView Details
Clifford B ThompsonKathryn A Bosak11/12/1982RenoNVView Details
Clifford E ThompsonJennifer Bossett02/14/1981HarrisTXView Details
Clifford T ThompsonMarlene J Braley12/22/1954UnknownMEView Details
Clifford Virgil ThompsonFay Branham05/11/1987PascoFLView Details
Clifford D ThompsonJosephine Brooks05/20/1990HarrisTXView Details
Clifford D ThompsonAdriane M Brown03/10/1978Los AngelesCAView Details
Clifford George ThompsonDonna Eleonore Burns06/15/1998OrangeFLView Details
Clifford A ThompsonDebra K Bush04/19/1980San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford A ThompsonDonna L Byrd07/10/1976San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford J ThompsonMary E Campbell12/10/1986GuadalupeTXView Details
Clifford L ThompsonRuthie Y Campbell10/20/1980TarrantTXView Details
Clifford M ThompsonVera L Carpenter08/24/1985PuebloCOView Details
Clifford ThompsonMary K Craddock12/22/1981DallasTXView Details
Clifford J ThompsonAgnes Cunningham04/16/1969BexarTXView Details
Clifford Charles ThompsonJean Marie Curry06/26/1976RenoNVView Details
Clifford J ThompsonGladys Dean09/07/1975HarrisTXView Details
Clifford J ThompsonDebra A Dears05/09/1981BexarTXView Details
Clifford H ThompsonJulia Delaney12/23/1964Los AngelesCAView Details
Clifford Allen ThompsonAnnette Denise Densmore12/28/1981ClarkNVView Details
Clifford E ThompsonGladys M Dexter11/21/1945UnknownMEView Details
Clifford ThompsonBetty L Doerr12/30/1967OrangeCAView Details
Clifford Wayne ThompsonDebora Diana Donato07/30/1976RenoNVView Details
Clifford F ThompsonJudith Ebert05/29/1978ClarkNVView Details
Clifford M ThompsonSusan M Engstrom09/18/1981RamseyMNView Details
Clifford W ThompsonLois E Flack12/21/1963San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford E ThompsonDoris Flaherty11/09/1935UnknownMEView Details
Clifford L ThompsonChristina M Flores09/01/1984RenoNVView Details
Clifford B ThompsonLila M Ford01/19/1974DallasTXView Details
Clifford Benjamin ThompsonMonaca Lashawn Gardner12/01/1994SuwanneeFLView Details
Clifford R ThompsonPatricia L Goree10/19/2002TarrantTXView Details
Clifford R ThompsonMaxine E Grant08/15/1970Los AngelesCAView Details
Clifford E ThompsonMary K Gray09/21/1996DenverCOView Details
Clifford R ThompsonSandra L Green07/05/1983DallasTXView Details
Clifford J ThompsonFrances K Greene02/06/1976HarrisTXView Details
Clifford Todd ThompsonSherry Ann Guillemette08/10/1985AlachuaFLView Details
Clifford A ThompsonDebra K Guler04/19/1980San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford C ThompsonTerri Lynn Hadfield10/13/1984ClarkNVView Details
Clifford R ThompsonMabel V Harlow01/14/1902UnknownMEView Details
Clifford Leroy ThompsonAmy Grace Hedman09/16/1944SaltlUTView Details
Clifford Dean ThompsonFrederica K Houston12/06/1977ZephyrNVView Details
Clifford A ThompsonJennie E Howard10/03/1903UnknownMEView Details
Clifford L ThompsonNadine Elizabeth Hughes09/07/1982Santa RosaFLView Details
Clifford J ThompsonCindy S Hultman05/21/1984HennepinMNView Details
Clifford D ThompsonJudy H Hurt07/26/1973Tom GreenTXView Details
Clifford A ThompsonSylvia Irwin11/30/1974HarrisTXView Details
Clifford J ThompsonBetty J Jackson08/16/1996HarrisTXView Details
Clifford ThompsonAnnie L Johnson08/25/1984RenoNVView Details
Clifford ThompsonDenise Johnson12/15/1971Las VeNVView Details
Clifford L ThompsonBeverly A Jones05/27/1978WichitaTXView Details
Clifford N ThompsonLottie M Jordan12/23/1903UnknownMEView Details
Clifford W ThompsonLois E Justice12/21/1963San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford L ThompsonSondra Lynn Kent11/07/1992Santa RosaFLView Details
Clifford M ThompsonGretta M King11/02/1991PuebloCOView Details
Clifford William ThompsonBetty Lou Landress09/28/1967RandallTXView Details
Clifford ThompsonLydia Lee10/04/1926SaltlUTView Details
Clifford W ThompsonAgnes M Lloyd02/27/1965San DiegoCAView Details
Clifford W ThompsonDottie A Long11/20/1976PotterTXView Details
Clifford ThompsonHelen M Long11/25/1981AngelinaTXView Details
Clifford E ThompsonGladys M Macintosh11/21/1945UnknownMEView Details
Clifford D ThompsonLinda Sue Mackie03/20/1972CarsonNVView Details
Clifford R ThompsonCarol L Manzer11/07/1964KernCAView Details
Clifford T ThompsonSusan D Mapes05/19/1973Los AngelesCAView Details
Clifford Paul ThompsonEllen Fay Markovich11/01/1980ElkoNVView Details
Clifford Paul ThompsonCarolyn Frances Marston10/17/1962SaltlUTView Details
Clifford B ThompsonWinnie Mathews11/14/1980DallasTXView Details
Clifford A ThompsonKathy L Matthews04/26/1980WhartonTXView Details
Clifford ThompsonAnnie Mcroy03/07/1883CookILView Details
Clifford W ThompsonDebra Jean Mcvicker03/12/1986ClarkNVView Details
Clifford Wayne ThompsonDebra Jean Mcvicker07/01/1981ElkoNVView Details
Clifford ThompsonAida Eucilde Mejia03/22/1996Miami-dadeFLView Details
Clifford G ThompsonSusan M Miller04/22/1995TarrantTXView Details
Clifford E ThompsonMargaret D Mundahl07/15/1982HennepinMNView Details
Clifford ThompsonCharlene S Nelson03/28/1982TulareCAView Details
Clifford A ThompsonDenise S Newbill06/03/1969OrangeCAView Details
Clifford ThompsonBetty L Nunnelly12/30/1967OrangeCAView Details
Clifford W ThompsonThelma L Odell06/26/1988PotterTXView Details
Clifford L ThompsonElizabeth Orr11/24/1989CollinTXView Details
Clifford Benjamin ThompsonPatricia Ann Owens05/28/1972SuwanneeFLView Details
Clifford L ThompsonPatricia A Payne12/25/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Clifford J ThompsonToni Pollard07/15/1977AlamedaCAView Details
Clifford F ThompsonPaulette E Powers01/09/1971BexarTXView Details
Clifford E ThompsonAleta F Proulx06/01/1966UnknownMEView Details
Clifford E ThompsonDoris Quirion11/09/1935UnknownMEView Details
Clifford T ThompsonDiana Ford Reynolds07/29/1989ClarkNVView Details
Clifford R ThompsonCynthia L Rinn10/20/1979WinonaMNView Details
Clifford E ThompsonHelen B Scarbro04/23/1982ParkerTXView Details
Clifford W ThompsonGeneva L Schneider12/09/1960San BernardinoCAView Details
Clifford G ThompsonGail M Schumacher10/31/1993AnokaMNView Details
Clifford ThompsonCharlene S Schwind03/28/1982TulareCAView Details

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