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Marriage Records for Charles Gregory

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Charles Dandrea GregoryStacy Latrice Addison03/13/1998BrowardFLView Details
Charles Lamar GregoryJo Ann Allen08/21/1981PinellasFLView Details
Charles A GregoryDebra S Allison06/05/1997WayneOHView Details
Charles D GregoryHedy E Anderson04/21/1996HamiltonOHView Details
Charles Daniel GregoryYvonne Aviles11/07/1987SeminoleFLView Details
Charles F GregoryGayle L Bales07/31/1988WashoeNVView Details
Charles W GregoryJennife L Barber10/19/1996RichlandOHView Details
Charles E GregoryLorraine A Barker04/13/1973MercedCAView Details
Charles L GregoryCarol A Barrett02/06/1982MaderaCAView Details
Charles E GregoryEdna P Barrows04/15/1978WashingtonOHView Details
Charles D GregoryTonya K Bean08/29/1987PotterTXView Details
Charles GregoryLaura B Beauchamp07/03/1992OldhamKYView Details
Charles C GregoryKaren T Beck10/07/1981BexarTXView Details
Charles Wayne GregorySusan Kay Becker05/24/1968WichitaTXView Details
Charles S GregorySusan Lynn Beene02/19/1992ClarkNVView Details
Charles GregoryLouise Bell09/16/1970MahoningOHView Details
Charles GregoryBillie J Bennett10/10/1987KentonKYView Details
Charles L GregoryMary L Berg08/03/1974Los AngelesCAView Details
Charles S GregoryRebecca L Bewley07/18/1975TarrantTXView Details
Charles GregorySandra K Bias02/25/1978ElkoNVView Details
Charles Lee GregoryTheresa Bridget Bingham03/30/1991CollierFLView Details
Charles A GregoryJulia A Booth12/05/1861CookILView Details
Charles L GregoryPatricia Bornemann11/24/1984San DiegoCAView Details
Charles R GregoryTerry F Bowling09/15/1983LaurelKYView Details
Charles A GregoryJane A Brenton08/29/1982OrangeCAView Details
Charles C GregoryMartha E Brookman01/22/1880JeffersonILView Details
Charles GregoryEtta May Brooks05/19/1901WillILView Details
Charles Edward GregoryJacquelyne S Brooks08/07/1973RenoNVView Details
Charles Norman GregoryLinda Rae Brown10/28/1971SaltlUTView Details
Charles H GregoryMaud Brown04/30/1962SacramentoCAView Details
Charles E GregoryJoanne Buchanan12/24/1969San JoaquinCAView Details
Charles R GregoryRobbin D Burns11/19/1988LaurelKYView Details
Charles E GregoryCindy L Calkins06/19/1981DefianceOHView Details
Charles GregoryRebecca Cameron08/30/1894JeffersonILView Details
Charles E GregoryVanessa R Chancy07/15/1986LucasOHView Details
Charles Theodore GregoryEdwina Sue Chastain02/01/1991AlachuaFLView Details
Charles H GregoryAllan L Cherry06/14/1892CookILView Details
Charles L GregoryCheryl A Christy07/10/1999RichlandOHView Details
Charles Lee GregoryEmma Jean Cockerham08/30/1968SmithTXView Details
Charles E GregoryFrances Kay Cockrell11/11/1972Las VeNVView Details
Charles L GregoryAnita M Cook06/09/1973JeffersonKYView Details
Charles L GregoryPhyllis Curtis10/03/1992ColemanTXView Details
Charles Linnie GregoryElizabeth Danese01/12/1990DuvalFLView Details
Charles E GregoryBonnie H Davis08/06/1980HarrisTXView Details
Charles E GregoryBonnie L Davis04/16/1981HarrisTXView Details
Charles S GregoryJames A Debra04/29/1995BelmontOHView Details
Charles F GregoryPatricia Decoite10/30/1971WinnemNVView Details
Charles T GregoryAnnie J Delano11/08/1915UnknownMEView Details
Charles L GregoryKaren M Downey07/04/1988HarrisTXView Details
Charles E GregoryJoanne Doyle12/24/1969San JoaquinCAView Details
Charles Theodore GregoryOllie Dee Driggers04/08/1986AlachuaFLView Details
Charles Linnie GregoryLinda Lee Dungan05/21/1979DuvalFLView Details
Charles E GregoryThelma M Dunham09/19/1985VenturaCAView Details
Charles A GregoryLoriann A Ehalt10/21/1989CarverMNView Details
Charles E GregoryBernice Estabrook03/19/1966San MateoCAView Details
Charles D GregoryJan C Fenton12/02/1989TarrantTXView Details
Charles L GregoryMary R Fleet12/20/1986TarrantTXView Details
Charles Albert GregoryKimberly Jo Fredericks08/09/1979ClarkNVView Details
Charles D GregoryDelores A Gamble05/13/1973DallasTXView Details
Charles Edward GregoryDiane Margaret Garner02/15/1975EscambiaFLView Details
Charles M GregoryLynn A Garrett04/18/1997BarrenKYView Details
Charles Arnold GregoryJewel Marie Gerhardt08/10/1984ClarkNVView Details
Charles Leo GregoryJane Ann Gillette06/27/1995ClarkNVView Details
Charles W GregoryDeborah Gilstrap11/05/1977HamiltonTXView Details
Charles A GregoryHelena J Godwin09/08/1973NevadaCAView Details
Charles D GregoryMelissa L Gore05/25/1991SimpsonKYView Details
Charles L GregoryCheryl F Graneri12/13/1971RenoNVView Details
Charles S GregoryMattie Greenwell05/06/1897FultonILView Details
Margaret GregoryCharles J Gregory07/07/1974ClarkNVView Details
Michael J KachovecCharles S Gregory10/28/1994SummitOHView Details
Charles Edward GregoryDiane Margaret Gregory08/21/1981ClarkNVView Details
Charles R GregoryDoris J Gregory05/04/1992HighlandOHView Details
Charles H GregoryLisa E Gregory04/27/1991FairfieldCTView Details
Charles Anthony GregoryLori Ann Adele Gregory12/05/2003CarverMNView Details
Charles GregoryMargaret K Gregory03/27/1981ClarkNVView Details
Charles W GregoryMary E Gregory07/25/1965ImperialCAView Details
Charles W GregoryMary E Gregory05/15/1967San DiegoCAView Details
Charles W GregoryMary E Gregory06/17/1970San FranciscoCAView Details
Charles Edward GregoryDiane Margaret Groover02/15/1975EscambiaFLView Details
Charles W GregoryEdna M Hair09/13/1985JohnsonTXView Details
Charles Allan GregoryDeborah Lynn Harkness09/01/1990MartinFLView Details
Charles E GregoryMary L Harvey03/24/1972ChambersTXView Details
Charles D GregoryBetty C Hawkins04/06/1970Los AngelesCAView Details
Charles S GregoryShari L Hayes06/26/1982JeffersonKYView Details
Charles L GregoryBetty S Heath10/03/1984ScurryTXView Details
Charles William GregoryHelen Mae Heath09/09/1989CitrusFLView Details
Charles A GregoryHelena J Heiner09/08/1973NevadaCAView Details
Charles L GregoryCindy S Henderson10/16/1981SmithTXView Details
Charles D GregoryLaura L Henderson06/07/1987KaufmanTXView Details
Charles Edward GregoryJimmie Ruth Henley10/08/1983MarionFLView Details
Charles Linnie GregoryElizabeth Henry01/12/1990DuvalFLView Details
Charles Michael GregoryPhyllis Ann Hilliard06/12/1981ClarkNVView Details
Charles H GregoryMaud Hoffman04/24/1890CookILView Details
Charles GregoryMyrtle Hogan12/24/1930SaltlUTView Details
Charles Brian GregoryMarty Hood04/16/1982SaltlUTView Details
Charles D GregoryBarbara L Hoover04/05/1968Los AngelesCAView Details
Charles GregoryMinnie Howard08/27/1877Rock IslandILView Details
Charles E GregoryBernice J Howell03/19/1966San MateoCAView Details
Charles E GregoryAlta M Humphrey05/02/1981MuhlenbergKYView Details
Charles Curtis GregoryPaula Marie Hunt12/04/1996ClarkNVView Details

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