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Marriage Records for Brenda Daniels

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Jerry Dean LedfordBrenda Daniels07/08/1990HamiltonFLView Details
David T LongBrenda Daniels09/14/1974CuyahogaOHView Details
Robert Preston MckinleyBrenda Daniels02/05/1981RenoNVView Details
Lance E BlakeBrenda A Daniels07/01/1983ClarkOHView Details
James K RobertsBrenda A Daniels01/05/1980UnionOHView Details
David W SchwartzBrenda A Daniels11/26/1982RenoNVView Details
Robert Leon KingBrenda Anita Daniels12/07/1979ClarkNVView Details
Lawrence JenkinsBrenda Ann Daniels06/21/1986ClarkNVView Details
Terrence Milton LaneBrenda Arlene Daniels12/04/1984ClarkNVView Details
Donnie L AbbottBrenda C Daniels09/04/1976WayneKYView Details
Robert E HoelBrenda C Daniels07/10/1981AuglaizeOHView Details
Walter L SmeltzBrenda C Daniels12/08/1972JeffersonKYView Details
Eddie R SmithBrenda C Daniels08/30/1994GreenupKYView Details
Charles Edward GivensBrenda Carol Daniels07/14/1970GulfFLView Details
Johnny JonesBrenda Christine Daniels07/09/1992EscambiaFLView Details
Epifanio GarciaBrenda D Daniels03/23/1979HopkinsTXView Details
Ronie D SmithBrenda D Daniels09/10/1974DeltaTXView Details
James L SpenceBrenda D Daniels04/25/1987WoodOHView Details
Willie Ralph PatrickBrenda Daniels Daniels07/20/1991DuvalFLView Details
Frankie Lee BarnesBrenda Denise Daniels09/03/1983BrowardFLView Details
Christopher Robin LavanBrenda Denise Daniels05/06/1992BrowardFLView Details
Harold Fernando FarmerBrenda Diane Daniels12/30/1983BayFLView Details
Mark Ivan HarmonBrenda Dianne Daniels05/08/1989HendryFLView Details
Kenneth BrownBrenda E Daniels10/17/1981DallasTXView Details
James DentonBrenda E Daniels10/17/1984JeffersonKYView Details
Jay C IngleBrenda E Daniels07/12/1974FranklinOHView Details
Mickey W JesseBrenda E Daniels04/19/1987JeffersonKYView Details
Henry A DaleBrenda F Daniels01/26/1967Los AngelesCAView Details
Jerome JohnsonBrenda F Daniels07/03/1979El PasoTXView Details
Gerry L MayfieldBrenda F Daniels03/06/1995GreggTXView Details
Danny L OwensBrenda F Daniels12/14/1972Los AngelesCAView Details
Homer C StevensBrenda F Daniels08/31/1980ButlerOHView Details
Larry LacyBrenda Faye Daniels02/13/1970Palm BeachFLView Details
Clifford R AkeBrenda G Daniels08/18/1989GulfFLView Details
Randy K ArmstrongBrenda G Daniels10/01/1986HarrisTXView Details
Roland Atlas BrambleBrenda G Daniels08/03/1983ClarkNVView Details
Donald M DavisBrenda G Daniels05/18/1985DallasTXView Details
Larry E GreenBrenda G Daniels08/31/1990FranklinOHView Details
Robert E GreenBrenda G Daniels12/14/1990FairfieldOHView Details
Bryan L LightBrenda G Daniels05/28/1983Mc LennanTXView Details
Jose L RosalesBrenda G Daniels03/09/1985ColemanTXView Details
Danny A WillinghamBrenda G Daniels09/04/1973YoungTXView Details
Danny M WoodBrenda G Daniels09/09/1978HoodTXView Details
David Allen HenryBrenda Gail Daniels03/13/1979Miami-dadeFLView Details
James John LobusBrenda Gail Daniels10/20/1978HillsboroughFLView Details
Chris Allan StudyBrenda Gail Daniels09/19/1998GulfFLView Details
Charles Delbert BentonBrenda Gale Daniels05/04/1991OkaloosaFLView Details
James B BlairBrenda I Daniels11/23/1996JohnsonKYView Details
Stanley B AustinBrenda J Daniels06/30/1979UnknownMEView Details
Jerry L ErbBrenda J Daniels08/29/1980VenturaCAView Details
Michael FryBrenda J Daniels10/15/1978SmithTXView Details
James E GarrisonBrenda J Daniels07/08/1982BexarTXView Details
Phillip C HamiltonBrenda J Daniels11/01/1969VenturaCAView Details
Larry J KiserBrenda J Daniels04/12/1974BoydKYView Details
Duane K LukeBrenda J Daniels03/25/1977Los AngelesCAView Details
Franz J MetzgerBrenda J Daniels03/24/1995ClayMNView Details
Rufus MooreBrenda J Daniels02/13/1993HarrisonTXView Details
Jerome D MuhammadBrenda J Daniels05/22/1981Los AngelesCAView Details
Floyd PaynterBrenda J Daniels04/25/1987TarrantTXView Details
Charles W ReeceBrenda J Daniels08/13/1981DallasTXView Details
Donald G ThomasBrenda J Daniels01/25/1975Contra CostaCAView Details
Earl W WadeBrenda J Daniels07/14/1985EctorTXView Details
Wardell A WillisBrenda J Daniels02/10/1996TravisTXView Details
Terry BartholomewBrenda Jean Daniels05/08/1976ClarkNVView Details
Charles Edward BeachumBrenda Joyce Daniels04/26/1983LeonFLView Details
George ButlerBrenda Joyce Daniels03/24/1982PinellasFLView Details
Jack Lynn SheridanBrenda Joyce Daniels04/12/1968HarrisTXView Details
James Edward VaughnBrenda Joyce Daniels09/04/1976ClarkNVView Details
Henry Kirk WellonsBrenda Joyce Daniels10/01/1982Miami-dadeFLView Details
Robert D BallBrenda K Daniels08/29/1997ClarkOHView Details
Fred D BallingerBrenda K Daniels06/17/1972LubbockTXView Details
Jimmie D FirestoneBrenda K Daniels10/04/1980BexarTXView Details
Richard T GilmetBrenda K Daniels12/20/1985OldhamKYView Details
Charles J HanesBrenda K Daniels06/07/1996FranklinOHView Details
Jimmy L KingBrenda K Daniels09/12/1975JohnsonKYView Details
Thomas G OdonnellBrenda K Daniels07/24/1982TravisTXView Details
Gail A PapeBrenda K Daniels09/24/1977ClarkOHView Details
Kenneth E WestrayBrenda K Daniels10/13/1989LucasOHView Details
David C BakerBrenda L Daniels09/23/1989ButlerOHView Details
Gary L BarnetteBrenda L Daniels12/01/1972FranklinOHView Details
Steven R BlackburnBrenda L Daniels08/18/1986JohnsonKYView Details
Donny S BrandstetterBrenda L Daniels01/28/1991EastlandTXView Details
Robert H DixonBrenda L Daniels08/28/1978JeffersonTXView Details
Robert H DixonBrenda L Daniels01/27/1982JeffersonTXView Details
Robert W GlassBrenda L Daniels12/17/1971Tom GreenTXView Details
Cedric L GoodenBrenda L Daniels03/11/2000TXView Details
Johnny J HowardBrenda L Daniels02/05/1993JeffersonTXView Details
Jason W JonesBrenda L Daniels10/07/1995TrumbullOHView Details
Robert A KellyBrenda L Daniels06/28/1997ClermontOHView Details
Billy J MonroeBrenda L Daniels02/26/1972DallasTXView Details
James R MoranBrenda L Daniels08/21/1970TarrantTXView Details
Steven E MorrisonBrenda L Daniels04/30/1975GraysonKYView Details
Charles D NoeBrenda L Daniels03/12/1982JeffersonKYView Details
Christo V PattersonBrenda L Daniels07/12/1998TrumbullOHView Details
David L RoseBrenda L Daniels11/26/1988JessamineKYView Details
Robert M SharpBrenda L Daniels03/30/1974RenoNVView Details
David L SingleterryBrenda L Daniels10/19/1974AlamedaCAView Details
Timothy Michael WehkingBrenda L Daniels03/10/1985St JohnsFLView Details
Richard Brad BenzBrenda Lee Daniels04/26/1986CitrusFLView Details
Willie DennisBrenda Lee Daniels08/10/1991BrowardFLView Details

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