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Marriage Records for Angela Cox

Our marriage record results are put together by doing a phonetic name search in the available states. Currently marriage records are only compiled from the following states and years. California (1960-1985), Colorado (1975-2004), Connecticut (1966-2002), Florida (1970-1999), Iowa (1835-1926). Illinois (1792-1920), Kentucky (1973-1999), Maine (1892-1996), Minnesota (1976-2003), Nevada (1968-2000), Ohio (1970-2004), Texas (1968-1998), Utah (1800-1999), W. Virgina (1930-1970)

GroomBrideMarriage DateCountyState
Tracy A BlumbergAngela Cox02/14/1988HarrisTXView Details
Darold CoffmanAngela Cox06/30/1987PulaskiKYView Details
Corie B CorbellAngela Cox06/01/2002JeffersonTXView Details
Marcus T DavisAngela Cox08/03/1987WashoeNVView Details
Jose R FloresAngela Cox12/06/1980HarrisTXView Details
Matthew J GustinAngela Cox08/06/1988MiamiOHView Details
Bruce E HaufeAngela Cox04/16/1994WashoeNVView Details
John F JonesAngela Cox06/02/1984BellTXView Details
James M KleinAngela Cox06/29/1996HarrisTXView Details
Roddy Brown PageAngela Cox08/09/1980Miami-dadeFLView Details
Howard Derek QuinnAngela Cox06/27/1997OsceolaFLView Details
Bryan D WelchAngela Cox12/28/2002LamarTXView Details
Matthew G ZoldowskiAngela Cox10/23/1999LucasOHView Details
Ryan N DoomsAngela A Cox06/01/2002NuecesTXView Details
Leroy E JuryAngela A Cox05/28/1983FranklinOHView Details
Allen E LarenceAngela A Cox08/18/1990ParkerTXView Details
Bryan A LewisAngela A Cox11/24/1990El PasoTXView Details
James D MooneyAngela A Cox02/13/1999ParkerTXView Details
John C ObryanAngela A Cox12/22/1983JeffersonKYView Details
Dean R RistowAngela A Cox06/15/1996CottonwoodMNView Details
Casey L ArcherAngela B Cox11/26/1994PotterTXView Details
Scott C LosackAngela B Cox04/08/1995TarrantTXView Details
Chester M ReinleAngela B Cox03/08/1996ClarkNVView Details
Jeffrey M SmithAngela B Cox08/01/1992FayetteOHView Details
Arthur David KountzAngela Beth Cox07/03/1987DuvalFLView Details
Robert D CheakAngela C Cox07/16/1988BoyleKYView Details
Colin R DespainAngela C Cox12/22/1987ClarkOHView Details
George S KellyAngela C Cox08/31/1991MeadeKYView Details
Phillip Jay RaglandAngela Carletta Cox12/12/1987WashoeNVView Details
William David AndersonAngela Carol Cox03/21/1992DuvalFLView Details
James Frank NolandAngela Claire Cox07/10/1997DouglaNVView Details
Gary Eugene SchmelzleAngela Cox Cox01/15/1994DuvalFLView Details
Alex D BarberAngela D Cox05/10/2002DenverCOView Details
John C BitzerAngela D Cox04/29/1983CookeTXView Details
William R ChildsAngela D Cox08/03/1979WichitaTXView Details
Timothy D DozierAngela D Cox04/04/1987WichitaTXView Details
Timothy E HarrisAngela D Cox10/02/1993RowanKYView Details
James L HubbardAngela D Cox10/25/1986ButlerOHView Details
Scott M ImesAngela D Cox12/09/1977DallasTXView Details
Gregory S KirkAngela D Cox07/31/1999MontgomeryOHView Details
Billy R MaxwellAngela D Cox06/29/1985JeffersonKYView Details
Lamont L MckeeAngela D Cox02/11/1991FranklinOHView Details
Michael W ReynoldsAngela D Cox08/30/1997JeffersonKYView Details
Bronson K RoeAngela D Cox10/13/2001LlanoTXView Details
Richard L SmallwoodAngela D Cox05/10/1986GreenupKYView Details
Jesse D VenzorAngela D Cox06/03/1994YoungTXView Details
Craig M WashingtonAngela D Cox06/01/1990GreggTXView Details
Terry Randall WatersAngela D Cox01/21/1991GilchristFLView Details
James A WelchAngela D Cox12/14/1990GainesTXView Details
Michael William OttoAngela Danette Cox05/21/1988BrevardFLView Details
William Arnold ReddittAngela Darlene Cox12/23/1978OrangeFLView Details
Francis Gerald WaldenAngela Darlene Cox05/18/1977OrangeFLView Details
Richard Charles ZieglerAngela Dawn Cox04/30/1988BrowardFLView Details
John Harris BusbeeAngela Diane Cox04/03/1993OkaloosaFLView Details
Christopher Edward MartinAngela Dianne Cox04/04/1996OkaloosaFLView Details
Michael K JonesAngela E Cox08/18/1994PotterTXView Details
Michael A GardinerAngela F Cox05/30/1987HarrisTXView Details
Robert R HallAngela F Cox06/05/1992MontgomeryOHView Details
Claud E MorrisAngela F Cox11/27/1984WichitaTXView Details
Eugene T SummervilleAngela F Cox06/02/2001ClayMNView Details
Ronald R GoodwinAngela G Cox04/20/1998FranklinOHView Details
Keith R LanhamAngela G Cox06/07/1985DaviessKYView Details
Robert D PopplewellAngela G Cox06/20/1992ScottKYView Details
Christo L SmithAngela G Cox02/14/1998MiamiOHView Details
Patrick John McmahonAngela Gay Cox09/14/1985LeeFLView Details
Bobby David MintonAngela Gay Cox05/15/1999PascoFLView Details
Jack Alan BuehrerAngela Gayle Cox10/21/1978OrangeFLView Details
Steven Mark WalkerAngela Gayle Cox03/17/1989OrangeFLView Details
Brian Christopher DavisAngela Gwynne Cox05/15/1992St JohnsFLView Details
Durand Miller ShermanAngela Hope Cox06/03/1994SarasotaFLView Details
Douglas F BrowderAngela I Cox07/22/1988LibertyTXView Details
Trevor D BridgefordAngela J Cox11/05/1988MontgomeryOHView Details
Gregory T CappsAngela J Cox09/29/1990NicholasKYView Details
Michael W CarderAngela J Cox12/21/1996MuskingumOHView Details
Dennis W EvansAngela J Cox11/07/1979PanolaTXView Details
David L HerndonAngela J Cox07/23/1988YoungTXView Details
Danny D JacksonAngela J Cox09/01/1995KaufmanTXView Details
William D JacksonAngela J Cox08/27/1994WarrenOHView Details
Eric E JarmonAngela J Cox06/11/1987HamiltonOHView Details
Joseph P LewisAngela J Cox06/07/1997WalkerTXView Details
Preston L McmurrayAngela J Cox10/19/1991BosqueTXView Details
Stephen M RyanAngela J Cox08/15/1986YoungTXView Details
David W WatkinsAngela J Cox08/22/1980WarrenOHView Details
Eric Charles OlsenAngela Jayne Cox11/20/1991SaltlUTView Details
Joseph Rick TannerAngela Jayne Cox11/13/1985SaltlUTView Details
Kenneth H CookAngela Jean Cox07/28/1995ElkoNVView Details
Danny Steven NudelmanAngela Joan Cox06/23/1990DouglaNVView Details
Clifton BrownAngela K Cox05/28/1982WarrenKYView Details
Jesse D CrumpAngela K Cox06/04/1988LamarTXView Details
Timothy D DicksonAngela K Cox09/06/1990DallasTXView Details
James G DobsonAngela K Cox07/10/1999DallasTXView Details
Thomas D EstleAngela K Cox08/08/2001SciotoOHView Details
Brett W FarrarAngela K Cox10/19/1991DallasTXView Details
Duane A GentryAngela K Cox08/30/1999ButlerOHView Details
Todd G HerronAngela K Cox07/28/2000TXView Details
Tommy R HornAngela K Cox01/03/1986MarionOHView Details
Richard D IlesAngela K Cox05/08/1994Red RiverTXView Details
Eddie D KyleAngela K Cox02/05/1999Red RiverTXView Details
Melvin T PuckettAngela K Cox09/09/1986BexarTXView Details
William Keith TiptonAngela Kathleen Cox07/12/1985LeeFLView Details

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