Los Angeles Area Codes

In Los Angeles, people can determine approximately where you lived based on your Area Code. There are several prefixes used in the region, which is home to millions of phone numbers. PeopleFinders.com has information about all of them.

Look below to see a list of every Los Angeles Area Code. Click any of them to start a reverse phone lookup and get more details.

Use A Reverse Phone Directory On A Los Angeles Area Code

A reverse phone lookup serves many purposes. The two most common are identifying an unknown caller or finding someone from your past.

If you were called by an unfamiliar number with a Los Angeles Area Code, use a reverse lookup to see who owns the digits. Get a report that displays their full name and shows you if the call came from an individual, business or organization.


Los Angeles attracts people from all over the world. People move in and out of the city, change addresses and update their phone numbers. It’s easy to lose touch. Luckily, a reverse phone lookup can help you find anyone. Use someone’s outdated Los Angeles phone number to get their latest contact info. Then you can reach out and reunite.

Trying to find information about a Los Angeles phone number can be frustrating. PeopleFinders makes it fast and simple, with our powerful reverse phone search tool.


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