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Most Common Last Names: White

In England, Scotland and Ireland, people with very pale skin or white hair were sometimes given the nickname whit, or white. This also became a very common surname through the years.

The last name White can be found in countries across the globe, and there are numerous spellings and forms of the word. In America, the most common is White. PeopleFinders has a large list of names for people who once claimed this moniker.

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Aaaron White
Aada White
Aadam White
Aadelade White
Aadolphus White
Aagail White
Aagie White
Aah White
Aaics White
Aaid White
Aaison White
Aalex White
Aaline White
Aallie White
Aamie White
Aangust White
Aanie White
Aannie White
Aara White
Aaran White
Aardon White
Aaren White
Aaretus White
Aariah White
Aarintha White
Aarn White
Aaron White
Aarret White
Aarsenia White
Aary White
Aase White
Aaserta White
Aavena White
Aayel White
Aazia White
Ab White
Aba White
Abagail White
Abagal White
Abagalla White
Abagel White
Abagil White
Abagill White
Abagle White
Abah White
Abaham White
Abal White
Abalis White
Abam White
Abana White
Abany White
Abarance White
Abaretta White
Abarnathy White
Abaru White
Abasha White
Abasolome White
Abatt White
Abatyne White
Abb White
Abba White
Abbagill White
Abbaigail White
Abbe White
Abbegill White
Abbeline White
Abbena White
Abbert White
Abberta White
Abbertas White
Abbet White
Abbey White
Abbia White
Abbiagial White
Abbidell White
Abbie White
Abbielee White
Abbietha White
Abbigail White
Abbigal White
Abbigale White
Abbigil White
Abbigill White
Abbiline White
Abbin White
Abblin White
Abboaham White
Abboline White
Abbot White
Abbott White
Abbsin White
Abby White
Abbye White
Abcabides White
Abda White
Abdarcese White
Abdilla White
Abdnego White
Abdu White
Abdy White
Abe White
Abeciler White
Abeding White
Abednego White
Abedonda White
Abee White
Abeeda White
Abegail White
Abegil White
Abegille White
Abeie White
Abel White
Abelardo White
Abeline White
Abell White
Abella White
Abelle White
Abelt White
Aben White
Abena White
Abene White
Abenego White
Abener White
Abenia White
Aber White
Aberaham White
Aberam White
Aberdeen White
Aberdene White
Aberdes White
Aberdine White
Aberham White
Aberilla White
Aberk White
Aberlene White
Abernatha White
Abernathy White
Abert White
Aberta White
Abertha White
Abertice White
Abertus White
Abesalem White
Abeslum White
Abesweg White
Abeta White
Abeu White
Abey White
Abeygail White
Abgail White
Abhert White
Abhran White
Abhrom White
Abi White
Abia White
Abiah White
Abial White
Abialle White
Abian White
Abiar White
Abiarh White
Abiatha White
Abiathar White
Abiather White
Abical White
Abie White
Abiel White
Abifs White
Abiga White
Abigael White
Abigah White
Abigail White
Abigaile White
Abigal White
Abigale White
Abigall White
Abigell White
Abighil White
Abigil White
Abigill White
Abigl White
Abihail White
Abija White
Abijah White
Abil White
Abilard White
Abilham White
Abilla White
Abin White
Abina White
Abiner White
Abion White
Abiral White
Abis White
Abisha White
Abitha White
Abizah White
Abjelo White
Abl White
Abla White
Able White
Ableham White
Abler White
Ablert White
Abli White
Ablontt White
Abm White
Abmer White
Abmy White
Abna White
Abnal White
Abnalphis White
Abnar White
Abnaw White
Abner White
Abney White
Abnor White
Aboabeth White
Aboline White
Abr White
Abra White
Abrah White
Abraham White
Abrahan White
Abrahm White
Abrald White
Abralom White
Abram White
Abran White
Abrayhan White
Abreham White
Abrel White
Abresant White
Abrham White
Abri White
Abria White
Abrian White
Abriham White
Abril White
Abrilla White
Abrim White
Abrm White
Abrom White
Abron White
Abrum White
Abryham White
Abryl White
Absabeth White
Absaiah White
Absalem White
Absalom White
Absalome White
Absalon White
Absalum White
Absellah White
Abshier White
Absilla White
Absillah White
Absiller White
Abslom White
Absnion White
Absohra White
Absolam White
Absolan White
Absolem White
Absolenn White
Absolom White
Absolon White
Absolum White
Abun White
Abverradah White
Abwilda White
Aby White
Abyah White
Abyana White
Abyer White
Abyle White
Abyra White
Ac White
Aca White
Acada White
Acaijah White
Acarde White
Acasah White
Acbamer White
Accie White
Ace White
Acee White
Aceffa White
Acelia White
Acell White
Acena White
Acenath White
Acenatto White
Aceneth White
Acenith White
Aceuith White
Acey White
Acha White
Achabald White
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