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Most Common Last Names: Lewis

The surname Lewis was most prevalent in Wales, but also quite common throughout England. It originated as Lowis during the time of the Normans.

There have been many variations of the name Lewis throughout the world. People who brought some of these variations to the United States often changed their surname to the standard version of Lewis. This helped make the moniker one of the most common in America.

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Aaaron Lewis
Aabel Lewis
Aabnen Lewis
Aad Lewis
Aadam Lewis
Aadie Lewis
Aagiah Lewis
Aaham Lewis
Aalbert Lewis
Aalena Lewis
Aalice Lewis
Aalke Lewis
Aallade Lewis
Aamanda Lewis
Aambrose Lewis
Aameda Lewis
Aamon Lewis
Aan Lewis
Aandall Lewis
Aane Lewis
Aanna Lewis
Aannce Lewis
Aanson Lewis
Aantonette Lewis
Aaral Lewis
Aaran Lewis
Aaren Lewis
Aariah Lewis
Aarie Lewis
Aarn Lewis
Aarnete Lewis
Aarni Lewis
Aaron Lewis
Aarron Lewis
Aarsn Lewis
Aarther Lewis
Aarthur Lewis
Aason Lewis
Aattie Lewis
Ab Lewis
Aba Lewis
Abadam Lewis
Abadish Lewis
Abagail Lewis
Abagal Lewis
Abagel Lewis
Abagial Lewis
Abagil Lewis
Abagill Lewis
Abaigal Lewis
Abajah Lewis
Abal Lewis
Abalile Lewis
Abanson Lewis
Abaraham Lewis
Abarhane Lewis
Abariah Lewis
Abat Lewis
Abazil Lewis
Abazom Lewis
Abb Lewis
Abba Lewis
Abbe Lewis
Abbedora Lewis
Abbegail Lewis
Abbelon Lewis
Abbener Lewis
Abbergill Lewis
Abbert Lewis
Abberta Lewis
Abbertine Lewis
Abbet Lewis
Abbetha Lewis
Abbey Lewis
Abbi Lewis
Abbie Lewis
Abbiego Lewis
Abbigal Lewis
Abbigial Lewis
Abbigilla Lewis
Abbil Lewis
Abbitt Lewis
Abbot Lewis
Abbott Lewis
Abbret Lewis
Abby Lewis
Abbye Lewis
Abdner Lewis
Abe Lewis
Abeal Lewis
Abear Lewis
Abeba Lewis
Abednego Lewis
Abegail Lewis
Abegal Lewis
Abel Lewis
Abelam Lewis
Abelina Lewis
Abeline Lewis
Abell Lewis
Abelle Lewis
Abendego Lewis
Abeneger Lewis
Aber Lewis
Aberaham Lewis
Aberam Lewis
Abergene Lewis
Aberham Lewis
Aberlena Lewis
Aberry Lewis
Abert Lewis
Aberta Lewis
Abertan Lewis
Abertie Lewis
Abertina Lewis
Abertine Lewis
Abet Lewis
Abetric Lewis
Abey Lewis
Abeyer Lewis
Abgail Lewis
Abgil Lewis
Abham Lewis
Abi Lewis
Abia Lewis
Abiah Lewis
Abial Lewis
Abid Lewis
Abie Lewis
Abiel Lewis
Abigael Lewis
Abigah Lewis
Abigail Lewis
Abigal Lewis
Abigale Lewis
Abigall Lewis
Abigee Lewis
Abigh Lewis
Abigha Lewis
Abigial Lewis
Abigil Lewis
Abigoh Lewis
Abijah Lewis
Abijal Lewis
Abijial Lewis
Abil Lewis
Abilean Lewis
Abileno Lewis
Abin Lewis
Abinatig Lewis
Abis Lewis
Abisha Lewis
Abishai Lewis
Abishea Lewis
Abisinia Lewis
Abizal Lewis
Able Lewis
Abline Lewis
Abloone Lewis
Ablue Lewis
Ably Lewis
Abm Lewis
Abmer Lewis
Abmiral Lewis
Abna Lewis
Abnea Lewis
Abner Lewis
Abney Lewis
Abnor Lewis
Abogenia Lewis
Abon Lewis
Aborm Lewis
Aborn Lewis
Abr Lewis
Abra Lewis
Abrah Lewis
Abrahah Lewis
Abraham Lewis
Abrahan Lewis
Abrahm Lewis
Abraim Lewis
Abram Lewis
Abramham Lewis
Abran Lewis
Abrazee Lewis
Abreham Lewis
Abrem Lewis
Abress Lewis
Abrey Lewis
Abrham Lewis
Abriel Lewis
Abriham Lewis
Abrm Lewis
Abroan Lewis
Abrolum Lewis
Abrom Lewis
Abron Lewis
Abrum Lewis
Abryham Lewis
Abrys Lewis
Absalom Lewis
Absalon Lewis
Absalum Lewis
Absent Lewis
Absilah Lewis
Abslam Lewis
Absley Lewis
Abslum Lewis
Absode Lewis
Absolam Lewis
Absolem Lewis
Absolm Lewis
Absolom Lewis
Absolum Lewis
Absolun Lewis
Abulua Lewis
Abunia Lewis
Abvin Lewis
Aby Lewis
Aca Lewis
Accua Lewis
Ace Lewis
Acee Lewis
Acel Lewis
Acena Lewis
Acenath Lewis
Aceneth Lewis
Acenia Lewis
Acenith Lewis
Acera Lewis
Acero Lewis
Acey Lewis
Ach Lewis
Acha Lewis
Achalcedonia Lewis
Achan Lewis
Achasah Lewis
Achd Lewis
Acheon Lewis
Achia Lewis
Achiah Lewis
Achibald Lewis
Achie Lewis
Achilla Lewis
Achille Lewis
Achilles Lewis
Achillis Lewis
Achsa Lewis
Achsah Lewis
Achsahr Lewis
Achsie Lewis
Achsuh Lewis
Acia Lewis
Acie Lewis
Acilia Lewis
Ack Lewis
Ackley Lewis
Ackson Lewis
Ackworth Lewis
Aclom Lewis
Acre Lewis
Acron Lewis
Actine Lewis
Acton Lewis
Acy Lewis
Aczualla Lewis
Ad Lewis
Ada Lewis
Adabell Lewis
Adabelle Lewis
Adadell Lewis
Adah Lewis
Adahm Lewis
Adair Lewis
Adalace Lewis
Adalade Lewis
Adalai Lewis
Adalaid Lewis
Adalaide Lewis
Adalain Lewis
Adalaine Lewis
Adalane Lewis
Adalarde Lewis
Adalbert Lewis
Adale Lewis
Adalee Lewis
Adalena Lewis
Adalene Lewis
Adalia Lewis
Adalie Lewis
Adalime Lewis
Adalin Lewis
Adalina Lewis
Adaline Lewis
Adaliner Lewis
Adaliza Lewis
Adalize Lewis
Adalphene Lewis
Adam Lewis
Adams Lewis
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