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Most Common Last Names: Baker

The surname Baker was once given to people who held that occupation. A person who baked bread for a large, wealthy household, or someone who baked for all the residents of a small village was likely to receive that moniker. Having this surname was an honor, because an expert baker was a position of great esteem.

May people with the last name Baker took long voyages so they could settle in the United States. Other settlers with similar names, such as Bekker or Bakker, changed their surname to Baker when they moved to America. This helped the moniker become one of the most common in the U.S.

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Aaaron Baker
Aaboin Baker
Aad Baker
Aagaat Baker
Aagial Baker
Aagusta Baker
Aaice Baker
Aaknre Baker
Aalford Baker
Aaline Baker
Aalred Baker
Aamanda Baker
Aamona Baker
Aananias Baker
Aanderson Baker
Aanner Baker
Aapa Baker
Aariah Baker
Aarin Baker
Aaro Baker
Aarom Baker
Aaron Baker
Aarshel Baker
Aart Baker
Aarvin Baker
Aary Baker
Aaziah Baker
Ab Baker
Aba Baker
Abagail Baker
Abagaile Baker
Abagal Baker
Abagial Baker
Abagil Baker
Abagille Baker
Abaham Baker
Abaigal Baker
Abajiah Baker
Abalina Baker
Abaline Baker
Abalonia Baker
Aban Baker
Abarham Baker
Abasalom Baker
Abasha Baker
Abb Baker
Abba Baker
Abbagill Baker
Abbagul Baker
Abbe Baker
Abbegail Baker
Abberdiller Baker
Abbert Baker
Abbey Baker
Abbie Baker
Abbigail Baker
Abbigal Baker
Abbigial Baker
Abbington Baker
Abbot Baker
Abbott Baker
Abburtta Baker
Abbury Baker
Abby Baker
Abdal Baker
Abdella Baker
Abdiel Baker
Abdnigal Baker
Abe Baker
Abeather Baker
Abed Baker
Abedaley Baker
Abediel Baker
Abednega Baker
Abednego Baker
Abednezer Baker
Abednigo Baker
Abedregs Baker
Abee Baker
Abegail Baker
Abegal Baker
Abegale Baker
Abel Baker
Abeli Baker
Abelina Baker
Abeline Baker
Abelinia Baker
Abell Baker
Abelona Baker
Abely Baker
Aben Baker
Abenage Baker
Abenalla Baker
Abendear Baker
Abendego Baker
Abeneizer Baker
Abercy Baker
Aberdale Baker
Aberdeen Baker
Aberdena Baker
Aberdina Baker
Aberem Baker
Aberham Baker
Aberher Baker
Aberly Baker
Aberman Baker
Abert Baker
Aberta Baker
Abertie Baker
Abertine Baker
Abertiua Baker
Abertus Baker
Abesha Baker
Abesia Baker
Abesta Baker
Abey Baker
Abgail Baker
Abgal Baker
Abi Baker
Abia Baker
Abiah Baker
Abiajah Baker
Abian Baker
Abical Baker
Abidial Baker
Abie Baker
Abiecer Baker
Abiel Baker
Abiff Baker
Abiga Baker
Abigael Baker
Abigah Baker
Abigail Baker
Abigal Baker
Abigale Baker
Abigel Baker
Abiggill Baker
Abigial Baker
Abigil Baker
Abignal Baker
Abiguel Baker
Abija Baker
Abijah Baker
Abijail Baker
Abin Baker
Abinezer Baker
Abington Baker
Abis Baker
Abisha Baker
Abishai Baker
Abishia Baker
Abishon Baker
Abison Baker
Abistene Baker
Abitha Baker
Abla Baker
Able Baker
Ableina Baker
Ablert Baker
Abley Baker
Ablia Baker
Ablie Baker
Ablina Baker
Ablington Baker
Ablona Baker
Ably Baker
Abm Baker
Abna Baker
Abner Baker
Abney Baker
Abnor Baker
Abny Baker
Abott Baker
Abr Baker
Abra Baker
Abraham Baker
Abrahan Baker
Abrahm Baker
Abraim Baker
Abrakman Baker
Abralom Baker
Abram Baker
Abrame Baker
Abran Baker
Abraz Baker
Abrea Baker
Abreham Baker
Abrent Baker
Abrey Baker
Abrham Baker
Abrigail Baker
Abrigal Baker
Abriham Baker
Abrin Baker
Abrm Baker
Abrn Baker
Abrom Baker
Abrus Baker
Abry Baker
Abs Baker
Absaborn Baker
Absal Baker
Absalam Baker
Absalem Baker
Absalen Baker
Absalom Baker
Absalum Baker
Abseal Baker
Absellem Baker
Abselum Baker
Absem Baker
Abslan Baker
Absley Baker
Abslom Baker
Abslon Baker
Absloy Baker
Abslum Baker
Absolam Baker
Absolem Baker
Absolom Baker
Absolon Baker
Absolum Baker
Abson Baker
Abtah Baker
Abut Baker
Abuy Baker
Aby Baker
Abya Baker
Abyada Baker
Abygill Baker
Aca Baker
Acah Baker
Acballer Baker
Acbret Baker
Accesy Baker
Ace Baker
Acel Baker
Acelia Baker
Acelie Baker
Acena Baker
Acenaith Baker
Aceneth Baker
Acenia Baker
Acenith Baker
Aceola Baker
Acey Baker
Acha Baker
Achbor Baker
Achd Baker
Achelans Baker
Achelaus Baker
Achelles Baker
Acher Baker
Achert Baker
Achie Baker
Achilis Baker
Achilles Baker
Achred Baker
Achsa Baker
Achsah Baker
Achsak Baker
Achy Baker
Acie Baker
Acil Baker
Ackah Baker
Ackelaus Baker
Ackerty Baker
Ackie Baker
Acklin Baker
Ackra Baker
Acksah Baker
Ackson Baker
Acneth Baker
Acquilla Baker
Acquillach Baker
Acreage Baker
Acsah Baker
Acsaneth Baker
Acter Baker
Action Baker
Acton Baker
Actor Baker
Acul Baker
Acy Baker
Ad Baker
Ada Baker
Adabell Baker
Adacus Baker
Adaelaid Baker
Adah Baker
Adahbelle Baker
Adahugh Baker
Adair Baker
Adala Baker
Adalade Baker
Adalai Baker
Adalaid Baker
Adalaide Baker
Adalalle Baker
Adalane Baker
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