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Most Common Last Names: Allen

The origins of the surname Allen are a little uncertain, but by most accounts the name translates to “little rock.” This name was very common in Scotland and England, though the more common Scottish spelling is now Allan.

Enough people with the name Allen moved to America (and others came to the U.S. with similar names and changed them to this “Americanized” version) to make it one of our most common surnames.

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Aackebald Allen
Aacy Allen
Aad Allen
Aadalade Allen
Aadam Allen
Aaden Allen
Aahia Allen
Aaina Allen
Aamri Allen
Aanna Allen
Aaph Allen
Aar Allen
Aara Allen
Aarcissa Allen
Aaren Allen
Aarew Allen
Aaridell Allen
Aarie Allen
Aarkanda Allen
Aaron Allen
Aarond Allen
Aarone Allen
Aarons Allen
Aary Allen
Aas Allen
Aasden Allen
Aasy Allen
Aathon Allen
Aauther Allen
Aaziah Allen
Aaziahe Allen
Ab Allen
Aba Allen
Ababial Allen
Abagail Allen
Abagal Allen
Abagel Allen
Abagial Allen
Abagil Allen
Abagill Allen
Abaham Allen
Abahram Allen
Abail Allen
Abajah Allen
Abal Allen
Abalee Allen
Abalina Allen
Abaline Allen
Abarham Allen
Abarrett Allen
Abasham Allen
Abason Allen
Abb Allen
Abba Allen
Abbagail Allen
Abbagil Allen
Abbe Allen
Abbedhee Allen
Abber Allen
Abbern Allen
Abbert Allen
Abberta Allen
Abbertis Allen
Abbey Allen
Abbezo Allen
Abbi Allen
Abbie Allen
Abbigail Allen
Abbigal Allen
Abbion Allen
Abbir Allen
Abbiygile Allen
Abbl Allen
Abbot Allen
Abbott Allen
Abbrona Allen
Abburt Allen
Abby Allen
Abbygail Allen
Abda Allen
Abdo Allen
Abe Allen
Abedine Allen
Abedneg Allen
Abegail Allen
Abegale Allen
Abel Allen
Abele Allen
Abelia Allen
Abell Allen
Abelle Allen
Abemalic Allen
Abembliech Allen
Abemelick Allen
Abemlick Allen
Aben Allen
Abena Allen
Aber Allen
Aberaham Allen
Aberan Allen
Aberdeen Allen
Abergale Allen
Aberham Allen
Aberine Allen
Aberlena Allen
Aberntha Allen
Abert Allen
Aberta Allen
Abetha Allen
Abgail Allen
Abhilon Allen
Abhm Allen
Abhrahin Allen
Abhram Allen
Abi Allen
Abia Allen
Abiah Allen
Abial Allen
Abiatha Allen
Abie Allen
Abiegill Allen
Abiel Allen
Abiezer Allen
Abiga Allen
Abigaail Allen
Abigael Allen
Abigah Allen
Abigail Allen
Abigaile Allen
Abigal Allen
Abigale Allen
Abigall Allen
Abigel Allen
Abigial Allen
Abigiel Allen
Abigil Allen
Abigill Allen
Abij Allen
Abijah Allen
Abil Allen
Abilla Allen
Abim Allen
Abimilec Allen
Abimilick Allen
Abin Allen
Abina Allen
Abinaud Allen
Abincer Allen
Abio Allen
Abion Allen
Abiram Allen
Abis Allen
Abisha Allen
Abishai Allen
Abislia Allen
Abison Allen
Abl Allen
Able Allen
Ablenia Allen
Ablsalom Allen
Abm Allen
Abner Allen
Abnor Allen
Abogile Allen
Abolener Allen
Aboline Allen
Abon Allen
Abor Allen
Aborn Allen
Aboth Allen
Abr Allen
Abra Allen
Abraam Allen
Abrade Allen
Abrah Allen
Abrahain Allen
Abraham Allen
Abrahan Allen
Abrahm Allen
Abram Allen
Abramham Allen
Abrams Allen
Abran Allen
Abreham Allen
Abrem Allen
Abrham Allen
Abrier Allen
Abriham Allen
Abril Allen
Abrm Allen
Abrn Allen
Abrom Allen
Abron Allen
Abros Allen
Abrum Allen
Absadd Allen
Absalam Allen
Absalem Allen
Absalom Allen
Absalone Allen
Absalum Allen
Absaly Allen
Absley Allen
Abslia Allen
Abslom Allen
Abslum Allen
Absly Allen
Absol Allen
Absolam Allen
Absolem Allen
Absolen Allen
Absolene Allen
Absolom Allen
Absolon Allen
Absolone Allen
Absolum Allen
Abson Allen
Abtene Allen
Abuee Allen
Abuel Allen
Aburtis Allen
Abver Allen
Aby Allen
Abyah Allen
Abzada Allen
Ac Allen
Aca Allen
Acar Allen
Acasta Allen
Accie Allen
Accora Allen
Ace Allen
Acea Allen
Acel Allen
Acelia Allen
Acemis Allen
Acenath Allen
Aceneth Allen
Acenia Allen
Acenith Allen
Acer Allen
Acey Allen
Acha Allen
Achasa Allen
Achd Allen
Ache Allen
Acheah Allen
Achelles Allen
Acher Allen
Acheson Allen
Achibeld Allen
Achie Allen
Achilas Allen
Achilla Allen
Achilles Allen
Achillis Allen
Achisa Allen
Achrah Allen
Achsa Allen
Achsah Allen
Achsale Allen
Achsaln Allen
Achsba Allen
Achson Allen
Achy Allen
Acia Allen
Acie Allen
Acil Allen
Acile Allen
Acinth Allen
Ackson Allen
Aclovia Allen
Acnas Allen
Acpea Allen
Acquilla Allen
Acquillia Allen
Acramuth Allen
Acta Allen
Actah Allen
Actavie Allen
Acte Allen
Acteo Allen
Actier Allen
Actina Allen
Actobe Allen
Actolphy Allen
Acton Allen
Actor Allen
Actovia Allen
Acy Allen
Ad Allen
Ada Allen
Adah Allen
Adahcillah Allen
Adahin Allen
Adahzilah Allen
Adahzilla Allen
Adair Allen
Adaire Allen
Adala Allen
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