Genealogy Records for Aaker from 1900

We’ve got census data and vital records for people namedAaker who participated in the 1900 census. Check out any of these records by clicking a name below. We’ll show you some complimentary information about the person you select.

The data we provide comes directly from the 1900 census, so you can rely on it to be complete and accurate. You can also search for records by last name or state. However you search, you’ll get some free data, and then you can start a genealogy membership. This gives you complete access to our comprehensive reports, filled with census data and vital records that help you learn more about anyone.

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Abel Aaker
Adella Aaker
Adolph Aaker
Agnes Aaker
Albert Aaker
Alfred Aaker
Alice Aaker
Alvin Aaker
Andrew Aaker
Anna Aaker
Annie Aaker
Bertha Aaker
Bottol Aaker
Carl Aaker
Caroline Aaker
Christina Aaker
Christine Aaker
Clara Aaker
Cora Aaker
Dealina Aaker
Eddie Aaker
Eldridge Aaker
Ella Aaker
Ellen Aaker
Elling Aaker
Emma Aaker
Erik Aaker
Frances Aaker
Fritzoff Aaker
Gustav Aaker
Halvor Aaker
Hannah Aaker
Hary Aaker
Helmer Aaker
Henry Aaker
Hermana Aaker
Ida Aaker
Iver Aaker
John Aaker
Karen Aaker
Kari Aaker
Katherine Aaker
Kem Aaker
Knute Aaker
Laurence Aaker
Lena Aaker
Leonard Aaker
Lillian Aaker
Lizzie Aaker
Mabel Aaker
Malina Aaker
Marie Aaker
Martha Aaker
Nels Aaker
Nina Aaker
Olaf Aaker
Olava Aaker
Ole Aaker
Oscar Aaker
Pearl Aaker
Peter Aaker
Petra Aaker
Regina Aaker
Renht Aaker
Reuben Aaker
Robert Aaker
Rosa Aaker
Ruth Aaker
Stella Aaker

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