Hey People, Dogs Like Playing With Frisbees Too!

The Frisbee is a thin, round disc that utilizes lift to maintain a smooth flight through the air. Throwing the Frisbee is a fun pastime that has grown into more of a competitive activity with disc golf courses springing up around the country and ultimate Frisbee games resembling contact football. The popularity of the Frisbee is not limited to two-legged beings and has transferred to our canine friends who enjoy chasing the hovering disc and attempting airborne catches. Although the Frisbee is a simple disc, the flying object allows people and dogs to demonstrate athletic ability. Frisbee competitions and training build strong owner-dog relationships and create a fun atmosphere for interaction with other dogs and dog owners.

The History/Rising Population of the Frisbee

The Frisbee was an unintentional discovery in the late 19th century. The William Frisbie Pie Company was positioned near Yale University. The pies were popular with the students and the empty pie tins were tossed around as a spontaneous form of recreation on the college campus. Eventually, the concept was refined with plastic materials and a lipped design that encouraged the disc to lift and hover when thrown in a level position. The concept is recreational in nature with Frisbee games being commonplace on the beach and in open fields and parks. The competition and canine aspect is young and has seen rapid growth in popularity since the inception of the Frisbee as a toy for children.

Frisbee Competitions/Clubs and Organizations That Are Dog Affiliated

Canine Frisbee competitions are hosted through several different organizations with opportunities to win local and national level prizes. The Sky Houndz organization sanctions disc dog competitions and awards the world champion prize to one team each year. The first world title was awarded to trainer Alex Stein and canine Whippet of Hudson, Ohio in 1975. The team repeated the performance the following two years to win three consecutive titles. After the turn of the millennia, the championships were divided into several specific categories with a world champion for the Open Division, Sport Division, Freestyle Division and Youth Division. Distance and accuracy are the primary measurements of success but the freestyle competition also awards creativity and athleticism.

Frisbee Training-For You and Your Dog

Training for Frisbee competition requires practice and performance from the trainer and the dog. Throwing the Frisbee on a predictable route increases the chances of the dog making the catch. You also must throw for distance and control the height to force airborne catching. Begin the training by associating performance with a small biscuit type treat. Choose a day when the dog is energetic and find an open field unobstructed by roads and vehicle traffic. Throw the disc until the dog engages in a chase and catches the disc. Reward the behavior and repeat until the dog begins fetching every throw. Advance by awarding fetching and retrieval until the dog is consistent. Only award improvements in the performance to generate a positive performance and positive response to your fetch and retrieve commands. Gradually increase the distance of your throws and use a command to hold the dog until you provide a fetch command. The timing increases the distance and with practice you will time the retrieve to specific points on the field. Train the timing of the catch on short throws and vertical throws. Training for timing is possible in a small yard space with multiple repetitions to gain confidence. Remember to engage in the activity as a fun event and never punish the dog for poor performance. Maintain a positive attitude and use a simple reward system to improve over time. Training is an ongoing process that requires a consistent time investment to develop repetitive skill sets.

Famous Frisbee Dogs and Their Masters...and Inspirational Frisbee Dog Stories

The canine Frisbee competition is gaining recognition as the events age and the level of competition increases. Many of the top dogs are border collies and herding breeds but mixed breeds are also well represented. Frisbee competitions are based on training and the owner-dog relationship. Dogs rescued from shelters and poor living conditions have a strong presence in Frisbee competitions and people like Lawrence Frederick of Pennsylvania focus on training and competing with rescued canines. World records for Freestyle distance and accuracy events are held by Lawrence Frederick and Flash in the expert class and by Darron Barrus and The Moo in the masters class. Scott Avick and Hazel are the world record holders in the youth freestyle competitions and Lee Fairchild and Gracie are the micro dog division record holders.

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