PeopleFinders Commitment

PeopleFinders Commitment

At, we have a commitment to helping connect people, helping you make informed decisions, verifying information, and providing first-class customer service.

PeopleFinders Community

Unlike other information providers, we feel there is a responsibility to the community. Here at, we know that it is important to be involved with the community and help them make better decisions with the information that we can provide. Because of that, we do not provide information on celebrities, political figures, abused women, and anyone else that should be protected.

We introduced a free program, that enables anyone interested, especially concerned parents, to learn more about their neighborhoods. This program allows our members to see how many registered sex offenders are in their neighborhood. We believe this information helps people be more aware, and we hope it begins conversations between parents and their children on how to be prepared and respond when encountering uncomfortable situations. Through your support, we are able to provide these community programs. Take a look at our Sex Offender Alert Program >>

PeopleFinders Security uses VeriSign SSL certificates in our systems, to ensure the information you provide is processed as safe and secure transactions. There is no risk. Once you find the person or related records that you are looking for, providing your credit card information is safe, and you get real results, quickly. We also work with security monitoring companies to help us make sure we are always at the highest levels of security.

PeopleFinders is dedicated to helping you find people and learn more about them in a safe and responsible manner. PeopleFinders is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This site cannot be used for employment, credit or tenant screening, or any related purpose. For employment screening, please visit our partner, GoodHire. To learn more, please visit our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.